The Sustainability Institute at Molloy University

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The Sustainability Institute is a function of the Molloy University Office of Advancement. Its mission is to promote transformative education both on and off campus consistent with the values of advancing the common good, environmental protection, ethical business practices, and civic responsibility, especially in the areas of implementing clean energy, reducing environmental toxins that impact public health, sustainable land use planning that preserves open space, and sustainable use of resources.

The Sustainability Institute provides a convening function at Molloy University that reaches out to Long Island's civic and environmental leaders, business executives, and government officials, bringing representatives of various interests together, in order to identify mutual interest in support of an agenda of a sustainable economy and society.

Through classroom presentations and experiential learning, the Sustainability Institute helps students gain an understanding of how social change is accomplished while developing their leadership skills to better serve both their future professions and the larger community. The Sustainability Institute acts as a clearinghouse to guide students who are interested in becoming involved in environmental issues towards student or off-campus organizations, faculty-initiated programs and classes.