New Student Orientation FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is New Student Orientation? Is it important to attend?

    Molloy's Orientation program brings the University together to welcome new students. It is required for all students, whether you are a first-year, transfer, resident, or commuter student. During Orientation, students will have the opportunity to become better accustomed to the academic environment, the support services, and the important locations at Molloy.

  • Is New Student Orientation mandatory?

    Yes, our orientation program will prepare you for a great start at Molloy by answering questions about academic, social and logistical matters before you begin your classes in September; for this reason, attendance at orientation is required.

  • Is overnight stay in the residence hall mandatory?

    No. While we strongly encourage all students to stay overnight as part of the orientation experience, it is not required. However, confirming your attendance at New Student Orientation means making the commitment to be on campus from 9:00 a.m. on day one through 1 p.m. on day two (depending on the time of your assigned registration appointment). You are still required to be on campus until at least 8:30 p.m. on day one of your orientation session. Day one programming will run until at least 11 p.m.

  • What should I bring to New Student Orientation?

    Bedding (sheets, blanket, and pillow), comfortable clothes, notebook and pen, shower shoes, sneakers, sunglasses, sweatshirt, toiletries, towel, medications. It is highly recommended that you wear sneakers or comfortable shoes to orientation.

  • Is there a New Student Orientation fee?

    The New Student Orientation fee is $175 and the fee for Transfer Orientation is $100.
    More information on how to pay will be coming soon!

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  • How do I register for New Student Orientation?

    More information regarding registration for 2023 New Student Orientation will be coming soon!

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  • How do I make my schedule? Do I select my own classes?

    The Student Solution Center (SSC) team creates all first-year student's fall schedules.  First Year students will have access to their schedule on their Lion's Den account   Students will have an opportunity to meet with the SSC team during New Student Orientation to have any questions about their schedule answered.

  • I am unable to attend. How do I receive my schedule?

    All first-year students will have access to their fall schedule on their Lion's Den account.  Any questions can be directed to the Student Solution Center at 516 323-4400.  We will also be offering a Last Call Orientation for those that are unable to attend during the summer right before classes start. Stay tuned for more information regarding this program.  

  • Are meals provided?

    All meals will be provided during New Student Orientation. The cost for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are included in the fee for orientation. Please be sure to note on the RSVP form if you have any dietary restrictions. 

  • How will I know which session I am attending?

    Orientation sessions are on a first-come-first-served basis. Please RSVP for the session that fits your schedule best and you will receive confirmation of which session you are signed up for. 

  • Can I bring my car?

    Yes, students are allowed to have vehicles on campus during New Student Orientation.

  • Are my parents/family members invited to orientation?

    Yes, we welcome the opportunity to introduce your parents to Molloy. Parents will be invited to attend a parent orientation held on the first day of each session. Please be sure to register as part of your student's RSVP.

  • What else do I need to do to prepare for the Fall?

    All new students will be asked to complete a Canvas course with important resources to prepare for the Fall including educational modules and information regarding the first year common reading book.

  • What other opportunities are there for connecting with other members of my class?

    All new students are encouraged to participate in the various summer orientation experiences. To view the schedule please click on "Summer Experiences" on the left hand side. Note that we will be adding trips throughout the Spring so stay tuned for new ones being added. There will also be Zoom sessions throughout the summer to prepare for the start of the academic year highlighting various Molloy resources.

  • Can I request a roommate while spending the night in the residence halls?

    Yes, please be sure to fill in their name as part of the registration form and have them request you as well.

  • If I have a question but I am not sure where to turn who should I call or email?

    You can always contact us at or 516-323-3459