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  • Students who are requesting accommodations must contact the Center for Access and Disability office to initiate the process.
  • Students are required to provide documentation from a qualified professional of their disability or chronic illness.
  • Determination of reasonable accommodations is an ongoing and interactive process between the student and the Coordinator.
  • Once reasonable accommodations are determined, it is the student's choice whether or not to utilize them.
  • Students who have injuries, surgeries or other conditions which will temporarily restrict them on campus may contact the Center for Access and Disability to arrange for reasonable short-term accommodations. Documentation will be required.

Examples of reasonable testing accommodations

  • Extended time
  • Separate distraction-reduced location
  • Use of recording device for lectures
  • Use of calculator
  • Scribe
  • Enlarged print


Center for Access and Disability also provides services to assist students in various areas of campus life. Appointments are scheduled on an as-needed basis to determine which individual and/or group services may be appropriate. Feel free to contact the office for details.

Examples of services offered

  • Academic counseling, as needed
  • Weekly discussion groups
  • Center for Access and Disability Orientation
  • Peer contacts

In order to receive accommodations and/or services, students must be registered with the Center for Access and Disability

Register with the Center for Access and Disability

Accommodations and services are designed to equalize opportunities and access, not to lower the academic standard for these students or to alter the essential nature of the degree requirements.