Statement on Health Equity

Cupola atop a building on the Molloy University campus

School of Nursing and Health Sciences Statement on Health Equity

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SON&HS) community is resolute in its stance against racism and all other forms of inequity and unjust treatment. As members of the SON&HS, we are dedicated to understanding, identifying, and actively advocating for changes in the deeply rooted structural inequalities in our healthcare system and society. We acknowledge our commitment to health equity (Braverman, Arkin, Orleans, Proctor, Acker, & Plough, 2018)  and justice for populations who are known to experience significant health disparities. We believe health equity is an attainable goal that can only be achieved by eliminating the preventable differences in health one group has over another.  As current and future healthcare professionals, we recognize that diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence (AACU, n.d.)  are necessary to build a professional cadre of effective leaders with equitable opportunity to contribute and succeed. We are therefore strongly dedicated to the  recruitment and preparation of faculty, students, and staff to be scholars, leaders, and advocates of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our health care system. We are committed to upholding the moral, ethical, and professional obligations inherent in the Dominican principles that foster respect for human dignity; work toward the elimination of health disparities; and promote the rights, welfare, and best interests of all people. Through these efforts, we will continue to participate in healing the world, promoting justice, and standing against racism and all forms of inequality in our programs, school, healthcare system, and society.  ReferencesAmerican Association of Colleges and Universities (n.d.). Making excellence inclusive., Braverman, P., Arkin, E.,  Orleans, T., Proctor, D., Acker, J. & Plough, A. (2018). What is health equity? Behavioral Science & Policy, 1(4), 1-14.