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Nursing Administration with Informatics

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Engage in creative project development designed to meet challenges impacting the healthcare industry and the quality of patient care

Nursing Administration with Informatics prepares nurses to address healthcare challenges and begin to mitigate healthcare disparities by incorporating advancements in telecommunications and technology. The Master of Science in Nursing Administration with Informatics provides a dual concentration in Leadership Management Science and Informatics. The program's curriculum focuses on nursing theory, leadership/management theory, ethics, advocacy, organizational culture, evidence-based practice, and research.

The nursing administration curriculum offers a strong foundation in complex, agile systems, organizational theory, policy formation, inter-professional collaboration, partnership, executive coaching, organizational structure, accountability, procuring, and sustaining resources.

The program's informatics component facilitates the synthesis of advanced nursing principles, health information systems, and computer systems that integrate with varied healthcare practice environments.

Our graduates engage in creative project development designed to meet challenges impacting the healthcare industry and the quality of patient care worldwide. The program culminates in applying the ANA's Scope and Standards of Practice for the INS.


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  • Required Courses

    Core Courses - 9 Credits

    • NUR 5051 Theoretical Applications in Transformative Leadership – 3 credits
    • NUR 5052 Reflective Practice and Advocacy - 3 credits
    • NUR 5053 Research and Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing – 3 credits


    NAI Program Courses - 27 Credits

    • NUR 5400 Administration 1 – 3 credits
    • NUR 5410 Administration II – 3 credits
    • NUR 5420 Practicum in Nursing Administration (90 practicum hours) – 3 credits
    • NUR 5430 Nursing Informatics I – 3 credits
    • NUR 5440 Nursing Informatics II – 3 credits
    • NUR 5450 Nursing Informatics III (50 experiential hours) – 3 credits
    • NUR 5460 Human Resource Management – 3 credits
    • NUR 5480 Nursing Informatics IV (50 experiential hours) – 3 credits
    • NUR 5490 Introduction to Health Policy Analysis – 3 credits


    Elective - 6 Credits Required


    Total Credits – 42

  • Catalog Course Descriptions

    For more information and course descriptions visit our Graduate Course Catalog.

    Nursing Administration with Informatics - M.S.
  • Did you know you can get a dual degree

    You can earn a Dual Degree in Healthcare Administration with Informatics - Masters - Healthcare Administration - M.B.A.

    Dual Degree - MS Healthcare Administration