Digital Humanities and New Media

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Explore cultural theory of emerging media


New Media is an exciting and technology-driven discipline that develops strong digital media industry leadership skills. This degree is for students who want to pursue careers in social media, online content production, and web design, or those interested in attending graduate school in a related area or discipline. Game Studies, Video Storytelling and Writing for the Web are just some of the exciting courses you will take as a new media major.  As a new media major, you will be able to:

  • Develop necessary competence and knowledge required of new media industries.
  • Demonstrate digital media literacy in both reading and writing digital material (code, visual content, etc.).
  • Theorize shifts in emergent media technologies and their social, political, and ethical impact.
  • Develop civic voices and express their opinions as digital citizens.
  • Become critical makers and analyze their products.

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Molloy University - New Media—B.S. (

Digital Humanities & New Media Program Director:

Dr. Sarah Evans


Transfer students are welcome into this program. Learn more about transferring to Molloy, including transfer guidelines, articulation agreements and funding opportunities.

Digital Creativity Studio


This space is a flexible classroom equipped with the following technology: 5 smart TVs, Nintendo Switch, PS4, NES mini, a Steam library of games and game design software, and a wide variety of tabletop games. We additionally have Meta Quest 2s, video game streaming equipment, HD cameras, 360°cameras, a portable green screen, and more available for student check-out. This modular classroom contains 11 whiteboard tables and 22 chairs—all on wheels— to accommodate the various needs we have for traditional and creative classroom work.