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In an age where information is power, a degree in Communications from Molloy University is your key to unlocking a fulfilling and lucrative career. With the media and communications sector expected to grow steadily through 2032, and an average of 114,300 job openings each year, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the opportunities are abundant. What's more, the median annual wage for roles in this field stands at $66,240, significantly higher than the national average.

Why Earn A Degree In Communications?

If you're looking for a career that's not just a job but a calling, Communications at Molloy University is where you should be. Our program is a unique blend of academic rigor and hands-on training designed to prepare you for the dynamic world of 21st-century communications. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that equips you with a solid foundation of skills, knowledge, and practical experience.

Our students also gain invaluable real-world insights through internships at leading media and PR firms. These internships provide a taste of professional life and open doors for future employment.

In a world increasingly shaped by media narratives and digital platforms, communications professionals are the architects of influence and understanding. Your skills will not only land you a job but also empower you to make a meaningful impact in various sectors of society.

Pathways our program offers


Discover limitless opportunities with Molloy University's diverse Communications programs. Whether you dream of being a filmmaker, PR expert, or educator, we've got a program tailored to your ambitions.

Our degrees are crafted to arm you with the specialized skills and insights you need to thrive in your chosen career. Here's what you can expect from each:

  • Professional Communications - B.A.

    This degree is your entry ticket to the influential world of public relations, human resources, and organizational  communication. You'll learn how to craft compelling messages, manage crises, and build corporate reputations. This program is ideal for those looking to influence and resolve conflicts in a professional setting but also serves as a stepping stone to graduate studies and many career paths, including corporate communications and media relations. Click here to learn more about the courses you’ll be taking.

    Professional Communications Program Director:

    Dr. Janice Kelly


  • Television Media - B.A.

    Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of television and film. This program offers a balanced blend of theory and hands-on practice, arming you with the skills to create compelling narratives. You'll get to work in our state-of-the-art television studio, mastering high-definition equipment and software. Whether you see yourself as a future director, producer, or screenwriter, this program is your launchpad. Click here to learn more about the courses you’ll be taking.

    Television Media Program Director:

    Dr. Tom Kenny


  • New Media - B.S.

    This is where technology meets the humanities. This production-based degree is a fusion of critical inquiry and digital skill-building. You'll learn to analyze digital culture critically while gaining practical coding, digital art, and data analysis skills. It's a perfect fit for those eyeing careers in media production, gaming, market research, or the burgeoning technology sectors.

    New Media Program Director:

    Dr. Sarah Evans


  • 5-year Professional Communications B.A./M.B.A. (Marketing or Management)

    Get Career Ready Faster with Our New One-of-Kind 5-year Professional Communications B.A./M.B.A. Program!

    Communications majors can now enroll in our new 5-year (Professional Communications) B.A. to M.B.A. (Marketing or Management) program that will allow you to become a well-rounded leader in the vibrant communication workplaces of the 21st century. This one-of-a-kind program in Long Island allows you to obtain your B.A in Professional communications and your choice of M.B.A. in marketing or management in just 5 years’ time. The program will equip you with the interdisciplinary knowledge and practical skills you need to excel in diverse industries and leadership roles. Through a combination of communication expertise and business acumen, we ensure you will stand out, and effectively navigate the professional landscape in any career path you choose.

    This new 5-year program is ideal for those interested in careers in public relations, digital advertising, social media, human resources, hospitality, fashion, events planning, management or administration in any industry or field. Graduates will have a competitive advantage in the job market as employers value professionals who can communicate effectively, negotiate and lead teams, as well as understand the intricacies of operations, strategy, and finance.

    For degree requirements and list of courses click here:  academics/schools/arts-sciences/undergraduate/communications/com_marketing-5-year.pdf

  • Education Concentration in Communications - B.S.

    Developed in partnership with the School of Education, this concentration is designed for those who aspire to educate the next generation. You'll focus on understanding how media impacts learning and teaching methodologies, preparing you to integrate technology effectively into educational settings. This program equips you with the skills to become a transformative educator in a digitally connected world.

Minors to Complement Your Major

Having a specialized skill set can set you apart in the job market. That's why Molloy University offers a range of minors to complement your major, allowing you to diversify your skills and enhance your career prospects.

Here's what each minor program offers:

  • Film and Television

    This minor is more than just a course; it's a hands-on experience that will prepare you for a variety of careers in the media industry. You'll take practical courses in screenwriting and video production, giving you the skills to create short films, documentaries, and more. Click here for more information.

  • Game Studies

    As the gaming industry continues to grow, so do the career opportunities. This minor equips you with the fundamentals of game design, media production skills, and an understanding of the ethical landscape in this rapidly expanding industry. Click here for more information.


  • New Media

    This minor is designed to enhance digital skills in a world where digital is king. You'll focus on content creation, social media management, and digital strategy, making it an excellent choice for anyone who will be working closely with digital media technology in their career. Click here for more information.


  • Professional Communications

    Whether you're eyeing a career in public relations, advertising, or any organizational setting, this minor has got you covered. You'll take courses that teach you how to produce effective press releases, social media campaigns, and media kits for a variety of professional industries. Click here for more information.

Why Choose Communications at Molloy University?

Molloy University's Communications program is meticulously designed to give you a competitive edge in today's ever-evolving job market by providing you with the practical skills and experiences employers crave.

Now, let's explore what makes our program stand out:

  • We understand that education is an investment. That's why we offer financial aid opportunities like the Lisa Liebman Memorial Scholarship to help ease the burden.
  • In the digital age, credentials matter. Earn CREDLY badges to certify your expertise in digital media production and make your resume pop.
  • With small class sizes and faculty who are scholars and industry professionals, you get personalized advice tailored to your career goals.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our HD TV studio and media lab are your creative playground for hands-on training.
  • Gain real-world experience and network with professionals through our internship programs at top-tier companies.
  • Expand your horizons with international internships and travel opportunities that give you a global perspective.
  • Learn from the best in the business. Our guest speakers provide invaluable insights and knowledge that you won't find in any textbook.

Student Clubs And Honor Societies


Get involved and enrich your academic journey with our student organizations. Whether you're into filmmaking, podcasting, or academic excellence, we have a club or society that aligns with your interests.

  • Media Production Club

    This is a creative incubator where you can work on original media projects ranging from short films to documentaries.

  • Lambda Pi Eta

    As the official honor society for communications students, Lambda Pi Eta recognizes academic excellence and offers a platform for scholarly activities.

Hear From our Students

  • Courtney Chamblin, COM Graduate 2022

    "The Communications Department helped me to cultivate my skills as a filmmaker. From long
    days of editing in the media lab, to directing in the TV studio, to scriptwriting for multiple
    productions- the communications dept. provided me with all the tools needed to communicate
    "story" through film."

  • Toni Fanaso, COM Graduate May 2020

    "My journey with the Communications Department at Molloy was one of the greatest
    experiences of my life. Getting to be a part of the COM family was always inspiring, challenging
    and very rewarding. The education I received has prepared me for this exciting new chapter as I
    enter into the communications world. The skills, life lessons and insights I gained from my
    professors are invaluable tools and precious moments I will always cherish. Thank you to Brian
    Cogan, Janice Kelly, Tom Kenny and Deidre Pribram for the wisdom they shared, kindness they
    showed and the respect they had for each one of us. I'm certain it wasn't always easy dealing with
    so much creative energy all in one place; but we are all so thankful for your patience and
    understanding. Little did I know, through all of the hard work, how fast four years would fly by
    and how much fun we would all have together. I am eternally grateful for this wonderful
    experience, the relationships I made and the memories that will stay with me a lifetime."

  • Rachel Hayden, Current Professional Communications Student

    "I have found a home with the COM department at Molloy University. The classes are engaging and interesting. I look forward to each class and the professors are always willing to go the extra mile to help. I appreciate and am grateful to be a part of this community!"

  • Devin Dryden, Current TV and Media Production Student

    "There are many things I like about the communications program. Classes such as podcasting, Field production and Video Editing have helped me to become more adept at software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer. The Media program has led me to network and make friends who share my interests. There are many members of faculty that have been integral to my success here at Molloy. The media department has an extensive amount of equipment and resources that have been very helpful to use when doing assignments and personal projects."

How To Apply

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So, why wait? Your future in Communications is just a click away. Choose Molloy University for a transformative educational experience.



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Communications Scholarships

Molloy University Communications Department Faculty and Staff

  • Tom Kenny, Ph.D.

    Chairperson, Assistant Professor, Program Director of TV and Media Production &
    Director of Media Facilities


    Tom Kenny specializes in media studies and production. He teaches courses including TV Studio Production, Video Editing, Media Literacy, Social Media, and Scriptwriting. Tom is the co-author of the book Producing New and Digital Media: Your Guide to Savvy Use of the Web published through Routledge. He also co-founded the New Media major and minor at Molloy University. Since 2008, Tom has held the position of Director of Media Facilities and is involved in the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the television studio and media lab. Tom also produces content for the Communication Department's website and social media pages. He earned his Ph.D. from Long Island University in Information Studies.

  • Janice Kelly, Ed.D.

    Program Director of Professional Communications & Professor


    Dr. Janice Kelly earned her doctorate degree from Columbia University, Teachers College in Communications and Education. Her research specialty is corporate communication, gender studies and relational/interpersonal communication. Her research, "A Comparison of Prime-Time Situation Comedy Fathers and Real Fathers on Involvement, Communication and Affection," has appeared in USA Today, Big Apple Parenting Magazine and other publications as well as family-oriented conferences and journals. She serves as a consultant to both state and local family agencies and grassroots fatherhood initiative projects. Dr. Kelly serves as a guest editor for the Journal Fathering: Theory, Research, and Practice about men as fathers. she also produced a documentary on "Perceptions of Fathers in the Media: In search of the Ideal Father."

  • Brian Cogan, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor



    Dr. Brian Cogan teaches a variety of courses including History of Media and Understanding Television and Media in the 21st Century. He is a past President and Wilson Scholar of the New York State Communication Association. Dr. Cogan is the author of numerous journal articles, book chapters and books on topics ranging from politics, popular culture and music.

  • Sarah Evans, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor



    Dr. Sarah Evans is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Molloy University and program director for the Digital Humanities and New Media degree and game studies minor. She earned a Ph.D. in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media from North Carolina State University. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on social justice in gaming and other online communities. Dr. Evans has published her interdisciplinary research widely and presented her research numerous times both nationally and internationally. She teaches a variety of classes on game design, digital production, and civic engagement through new media. 

  • Max Renner, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor



    Max Renner is an Assistant Professor of the Molloy College Digital Humanities and New Media Department. He earned his PhD in Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media from North Carolina State University. As a rhetorical critic, he has primarily looked at the intersections of technology and the rhetorical work of space as well as practices of placemaking in formations of publics. Beginning with an examination of spatial modes of organization and architectural engagements within the built environment, this research has addressed both theorizations as well as applications of space within material landscapes, digital rhetoric, and architectural communication practices. He recently received the Eastern Communication Association's Urban Communication Research Award for his manuscript, in progress, on potential of architecture's role in the ongoing development of material public life. This project considers the implications of place, technology, and publics in relation to one another, in order to examine the lifespan of public places--how public places come to be constructed, in particular ways, and for particular bodies. His work has appeared in Communication Education, Argumentation and Advocacy, the Journal of Media and Religion, an MIT Press book chapter, the upcoming volume of the Urban Communication Reader (forthcoming), and Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse (forthcoming)

  • Karen Beck, M.A.

    Adjunct Instructor

    Karen has a vast experience working in the television industry as Director of Programming for Fox Television Stations. As the Director of Programming, Karen had been involved in acquiring television series such as "The Wendy Williams Show." "Big Bang Theory," "Modern Family," and "TMZ." Currently, she is the Director of Distribution and Affiliate Relations for In Depth with Graham Bensinger. Armed with her expertise in coordinating with television stations and their budget, Karen teaches Media Management at Molloy University.

  • Jean Devlin, Ph.D.

    Adjunct Instructor



    Jean Devlin received her Ph.D. in English, with a specialty in Children's Literature, from Southern Illinois University, where she was the recipient of a Doctoral Fellowship. As the Director of Student Special Services at North Shore Hebrew Academy High School, she taught English and history and ran Project Interact, a division of Rotary International. At Molloy, Dr. Devlin teaches Oral Interpretation of Children's Literature, Creative Drama and Group Discussion. Her awards include Educator of Excellence, New York State English Council; Educator of Excellence, Long Island Language Arts Council; Excellence in Teaching at Molloy College and citations in several Who's Who publications.

  • Jacqueline Hansen, M.S

    Adjunct Instructor



    Jacqueline Hansen is a veteran public relations, marketing and corporate communications specialist with more than 25 years of agency, and in-house experience serving clients across the globe. Six years ago, she founded her own New York-based public relations/marketing firm, specializing in media relations, crisis communications, marketing communications, and corporate communications serving clients primarily in the U.S. and Europe. At Molloy College, she is an adjunct professor teaching Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing Communications, and Writing. Prior to creating her own agency, she was the US Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations for Swiss International Air Lines, formerly Swissair where she headed up North American efforts years. During her tenure, she developed and delivered strategic internal and external communication during acquisitions, bankruptcies, and worldwide disasters.

  • Lynn Kennedy, M.Ed.

    Adjunct Instructor


    Once a competitive public speaker and debater, Lynn Kennedy went on to teach Shakespeare, literature, public speaking, acting and composition in the Port Washington Public School system for 38 years, before retiring from public education. Lynn has had the pleasure of working with culturally and academically diverse students throughout her career and has found this to be true: "The deepest desire of every student is to like the world on an honest basis through knowing it" (Eli Siegel). Lynn teaches Public Speaking for the Communications Department.

  • Janet Douglas-Pryce, M.A.

    Adjunct Instructor



    Janet Pryce teaches courses in the professional communications concentration, particularly corporate communications. Janet earned her Master of Arts degree from New York University in speech and interpersonal communications. Janet's background not only includes several years in higher education, but she also has experience teaching in an elementary school environment, previously instructing sixth-grade students.

  • Alyssa Rosand

    Adjunct Instructor


    Alyssa Rosand began her career as an assistant editor at MTV before starting her long tenure as a writer and producer on Nickelodeon's Creative Marketing team. She has created award-winning marketing campaigns for some of the world's top franchises such as PAW Patrol, Baby Shark, and Blue's Clues & You. She also works as a freelance producer and video editor for content creators on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Alyssa received her M.A. in Emerging Media from Loyola University Maryland and uses her expertise to teach Introduction to Video Editing at Molloy University.

  • Christopher Caccavo

    Adjunct Instructor



  • TV Studio and Media Lab Assistant

    Julia Kraemer

    Julia has experience in video editing, film and TV studio production, and scriptwriting. She graduated from Molloy with a BA in Communications in 2021. As the TV studio and lab assistant she helps Dr. Kenny in the maintenance of the television studio and the media lab. She is currently earning her MFA in Screenwriting and TV at Stephen's College.

  • Administrative Assistant

    Patricia O'Neill



Department Chair

Dr. Tom Kenny

Wilbur Hall - 106
1000 Hempstead Ave.
Rockville Centre, New York 11570