Student Success and Assessment

Cupola atop a building on the Molloy University campus

Student Success

Molloy University is dedicated to supporting your transition to academic life and your path to becoming a Molloy University graduate. Molloy University is committed to academic success and ensuring that every student is college ready on day 1. Understanding college readiness helps you set your pace for a successful first year and onward to graduation.

The ACCUPLACER and BEACON STUDENT STRENGTH INVENTORY (SSI) can jumpstart your successful start at Molloy University by measuring a number of factors related to your college and career-readiness, as well as your commitment to academics and the institution. 

ACCUPLACER provides students with a pulse of their starting point that can be used to plan a successful path towards graduation. The Beacon STUDENT STRENGTH INVENTORY (SSI) measures attitudes and behaviors that could contribute to students’ academic success.


Beacon FAQs

  • What is Beacon

    BEACON is a student success platform that organizes many data points that help students proactively control their progress and understand their strengths and areas of growth that contribute to their academic and professional development.

  • What is the Beacon Student Strength Inventory (SSI)

    The SSI is a quick non-cognitive online tool that measures of six factors:

    • Academic Self-Efficacy
    • Social Comfort
    • Campus Engagement
    • Resiliency
    • Academic Engagement
    • Educational Commitment