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Application and Registration 

The registration process is rather simple because you are not applying for a Molloy degree. There is an online application that you need to complete, but that is for information purposes only. Everyone is accepted as long as you are a NY certified teacher. There is no application fee and GREs are not required. If you are enrolling at Molloy for the first time, it will take a few days to process your application/registration form online.  Once you register for the first time you will be sent an email within one to two business days with your username to login your student account to access the system for future registrations and to access Canvas, our online learning platform.  While you can register up to a week before the course start date, it is advisable to register as close to the start of registration as possible to avoid being closed-out. Click here for Application and Registration Instructions.

 Summer I  All Courses Start Prior to July 1

May 13-May 24

Advanced Practices for the Tech Savvy Teacher: Jessica Ryan; EDU 5900 03, Online Canvas

June 3-June 14

Growing a STEAM Mindset: Jessica Ryan; EDU 5900 13, Online Canvas

June 24-27

Best Practices and Strategies for the Secondary Level Educator: Jason Manning & Todd Nussen; EDU 5900 46, Online Canvas

Creative Connections: Jessica Ryan; EDU 5900 13, Online Canvas

Hands on Art for the Developing Learner: Susan Zaratin; EDU 5900, Online Canvas *NEW

SEL: Reaching & Teaching the Heart of Every Student: Jessica Ryan; EDU 5900 16, Online Canvas

The History of Our National Monuments: Paul Zaratin; EDU 5900, Online Canvas

Summer II  All Courses Start on or after July 1

July 1,2,3 & 5

Applications of Art for Every Classroom Setting: Susan Zaratin; EDU 5900, Online Canvas *NEW

Human Impact on the Environment of North America: Bill Behrens; EDU 5900 43, Online Canvas

July 8-11

Best Practices and Strategies II for the Secondary Level Educator; Jason Manning & Todd Nussen; EDU 5900 06, Online Canvas

Content Creation and Communication with Canva: Kristina Holzweiss;  EDU 5900 28, Online Canvas

Embracing Technology in the Classroom: Melissa Torre; EDU 5900 21, Online Canvas

Oratory and Rhetoric: Speeches That Change the World (or Tried to): Amy Benjamin; EDU 5900, Suffolk *NEW

Student Centered Instructional Practices: Are They Getting It?: Dr. Brian Trapani; EDU 5900, Online Canvas *NEW

The Writing Transformation: Regina Hall; EDU 5900, Online Canvas

July 15-18

Accessibility Tools to Support Diverse Learners: Kristina Holzweiss; EDU 5900 45, Online Canvas

Escape to Digital Breakout in Your Classroom: Danielle Mammolito; EDU 5900 51, Online Canvas

Evolution of Earth and Life: Bill Behrens; EDU 5900, Online Canvas

Leadership of All Levels: Ed Kemnitzer; EDU 5900 55, Online Canvas

The Big History Course: An Interdisciplinary Course That Breaks Down the Wall of Traditional Learning: Jason Manning and Todd Nussen, EDU 5900, Online Canvas

The Importance of Building Relationships with Parents, Students, Colleagues, and Administrators: Dr. Kristi Gerhard and Megan Pavlick, EDU 5900, Online Canvas

July 22-25

Bringing the World into Your Classroom with Virtual Field Trips!, Paul Zaratin; EDU 5900, Online Canvas *NEW

Study Smarter Not Harder: Melissa Torre; EDU 5900 67, Online Canvas *NEW

Teaching the Science Behind Art: Susan Zaratin, EDU 5900, Online Canvas *NEW

Teaching for Tomorrow...Learning from Yesterday: Dr. Brian Trapani, EDU 5900 62, Online Canvas

Promoting Student Engagement: Laurie Bocca, EDU 5900 73, Online Canvas

July 29-August 1

Differentiation of Instruction Using Technology: Melissa Torre, EDU 5900 67, Online Canvas

Leveling Up Lessons With HyperDocs: Katie DiGregorio, EDU 5900 59, Online Canvas

The Educator's Guide to Decluttering to Enhance Productivity: Kristina Holzweiss, EDU 5900, Online Canvas *NEW

August 5-8

Differentiated Instruction...Supporting All Learners: Dr. Brian Trapani; EDU 5900 65, Online Canvas