The Sustainability Institute at Molloy College

The Sustainability Institute is a function of Molloy College the Office of Advancement. Its mission is to promote transformative education both on and off campus consistent with the values of advancing the common good, environmental protection, ethical business practices, and civic responsibility, especially in the areas of implementing clean energy, reducing environmental toxins that impact public health, sustainable land use planning that preserves open space, and sustainable use of resources.

The Sustainability Institute provides a convening function at Molloy College that reaches out to Long Island's civic and environmental leaders, business executives, and government officials, bringing representatives of various interests together, in order to identify mutual interest in support of an agenda of a sustainable economy and society.

Through classroom presentations and experiential learning, the Sustainability Institute helps students gain and understanding of how social change is accomplished, while developing their leadership skills to better serve both their future professions and the larger community. The Sustainability Institute acts as a clearing house to guide students who are interested in becoming involved in environmental issues towards student or off-campus organizations, faculty initiated programs and classes.

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) 

The Sustainability Institute has been working with the Nassau and Suffolk county legislatures for three years, and now both have now adopted Open Commercial PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing. Factsheet about Open C-Pace (PDF)

C-PACE (also known as Energize NY Finance) is a program eligible local governments in New York State can opt in to, that allows property owners to finance the cost of clean energy upgrades to their commercial or non-profit property with no out-of-pocket expenses, and payments that are less than the ongoing savings on energy bills. C-PACE can finance up to 100% of a clean energy project; terms can be customized up to the expected life of the improvement; and the financing automatically transfers to the new owner if the property is sold.   

Energize NY Finance enables eligible commercially-owned buildings in to secure funds to tackle significant energy upgrades and renewable energy projects for existing buildings, and incorporate renewable energy in new buildings. The money-saving potential of efficiency and renewables have been widely recognized for years, and C-PACE helps building owners overcome many of the obstacles that can cause them to put off investments in clean energy. This program has the dual benefit of saving building owners money and creating green jobs in the building and energy fields.

This financing structure is available through the Energy Improvement Corporation (EIC) for projects that aim to install permanent improvements that reduce energy costs in existing buildings. EIC is a local development corporation and a New York State nonprofit established specifically to assist local government and property owners achieve long-term energy savings and/or generate renewable power for use on site. 

The Sustainability Institute Releases Policy Analysis White Paper 

Picture of The Sustainability Institute Releases Policy Analysis White Paper

At the December 2018 meeting of the Long Island Clean Energy Leadership Task Force, the Sustainability Institute at Molloy College released a policy analysis white paper calling for a bold, new policy mandating solar on new buildings. The paper was the product of collaboration amongst Task Force participants, and authored by Sustainability Institute executive director, Neal Lewis, and research director, Andrew Manitt. The paper is titled, Should Renewable Energy Systems Be Mandated in Local Building Codes for New Commercial Building Construction? White Paper (PDF)

Renewable Energy on Long Island

September 6, 2017 - WLIW21

Molloy College Sustainability Institute Executive Director Neal Lewis talks about the importance of renewable energy on Long Island.

Suffolk County Climate Action Plan
Suffolk County Climate Action Plan

Sustainability Institute communications director, Demosthenes Maratos featured in groundbreaking environmental documentary now in wide release. Veganism is Environmentalism

Sustainability Institute communications director, Demosthenes Maratos featured in groundbreaking environmental documentary now in wide release. Read more...

Sustainability Institute Director Adds Insight to Critical CO2 Issue

Brookhaven becomes the first township in the nation to require digital carbon monoxide detectors in homes as a result of campaign spearheaded by the Sustainability Institute. Read more...

Sustainability Green Guide

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