The Sustainability Institute at Molloy College

This is Long Island's first-ever venture housing sustainability education and policy analysis within an academic institution. The Sustainability Institute team - headed by Executive Director Neal Lewis, formerly of the Neighborhood Network --- will provide community education and advocacy on key issues related to sustainability.  There is also a student education component, including classes taught by Sustainability Institute staff.

Molloy College is proud to have launched the Sustainability Institute as part of its ongoing commitment to serving as "the public square" for debate and discussion on the key issues of sustainability.  These issues affect not only our students, but the greater communities within which we all live and work.  Through education and policy analysis, as well as by encouraging informed dialogue and respectful debate among parties with diverse viewpoints, we hope to help drive solutions that will serve "the common good."

Veganism is Environmentalism

Sustainability Green Guide

Download Sustainability Green Guide (in PDF format)• Why Green Living?
• Recycling on campus
• Conserving water
• Conserving energy
• What makes the new buildings "green"?
• Green cleaners on campus
• Dining Goes Green
• Organic Land Care
• Tips for Living Green on Campus
• The Sustainability Institute
• Environmental Studies Major/Minor
• The Sustainability Policy and Practices Minor
• Earth Week
• Get Involved with the Student Earth Club

Residential Energy Efficiency Resources

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