Residence Hall Council

Cupola atop a building on the Molloy University campus

Residence Hall Council

The Residence Hall Council (RHC) is a student-run organization dedicated to advocating for the interests and welfare of residence hall students, while also providing opportunities for their personal growth and development. It is an organization of students committed to developing leadership, honoring diversity, recognizing achievement, promoting scholarship, as well as stimulating engagement and involvement among students who reside in the residence halls. RHC represents and protects the views, concerns, and rights of the residential community.

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Goals of RHC

  • To foster community within and across residence halls at Molloy.
  • To enhance the residential experience at Molloy.
  • To support and provide residents with leadership development opportunities.
  • To advocate on behalf of residents
  • To create meaningful programmatic opportunities for students to connect with one another.
  • To instill a sense of belonging and pride in the residential community and Molloy.

Students who actively participate in their hall councils have the opportunity to:

  • Meet people who are a part of their community
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Find out what is happening on campus
  • Be a part of planning building or area-wide programs
  • Get involved in other clubs and organizations on campus
  • Voicing your ideas and plans to create a stronger residential community


Residence Hall Council Position

The following positions will represent all three Residence Halls

President (Elected by Hall Residents)(1 Person)

  • Schedules plans and conducts Hall Council meetings.
  • Establishes agenda with input from the council, hall, and advisor.
  • Maintains knowledge of Hall Council policies and procedures.
  • Ensures all council events and decisions are within institutional policies.


Vice President (Elected by Hall Residents)(1 Person)

  • Assumes responsibilities of the President if the President is absent.
  • Organizes discussions and sub-committees.
  • Manages the Hall Council budget and keeps financial records.
  • Ensures purchases fall within institutional guidelines.


Communications Coordinator (Elected by Hall Residents)(1 Person)

  • Organizes and coordinates publicity for events and initiatives.
  • Is responsible for Council's social media.
  • Keeps attendance at RHC weekly meetings.
  • Responsible for advertising (Flyers, Social Media, etc.)
  • Keeps track of minutes from all meetings.

Advocacy Coordinator (Elected by Hall Residents)(1 Person)

  • Responsible for hearing, managing, and addressing the concerns of residents in their respective residence halls.
  • The Advocacy Coordinator is also responsible for holding one town hall meeting per semester in their respective residence hall.

Floor/Committee Representative (Open to All Residents, No Election/Appointed based on interest)(1+ Person/People)

  • Solicits feedback from floor/section related to hall council.
  • Provides ideas and support for Hall Council events and initiatives.
  • Communicates information about events to floor/section members.
  • Responsible for advertising.

Member at Large (Elected by Hall Council Group)(1-2 People)

  • Member at Large is an officer whose duties and responsibilities are not fixed but instead vary according to the needs of the association and as directed by the other officers of the board.
  • At-Large members will be assigned to work closely with committee chairs within the community.
  • Members at Large must be in attendance for all board meetings.

RHC Advisor(s)

The RHC Advisors are staff members of the Office of Residence Life. The Advisors serve as resources for RHC members and make RHC members aware of policies and procedures of the Office of Residence Life and Molloy University including but not limited to the Residence Life Handbook and Molloy University Student Handbook. RHC Advisor(s) assist RHC in all matters including, but not limited to legislation, programming, conferences, and elections. This role is not a voting member of the Residence Hall Council.