Student Health Services

Does the college offer health insurance to students?

  • If the student is a full-time, undergraduate student - 12 credits or more - the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan is automatically available to the student. The premium is listed on the student’s tuition bill statement.
  • Any full-time student enrolling with Molloy College in the spring semester will be charged the present rate for the balance of the policy year. Premiums are subject to change.
  • All other part-time students taking and maintaining at least 6 credits are eligible to enroll in the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan on their own. Please refer to the Allen J. Flood Companies Inc. website for instructions.
  • All other part-time students please note: there is a deadline for enrolling in the health insurance plan for the fall and spring semester. Please refer to the Allen J. Flood Companies Inc. website for the deadlines.

The health insurance I presently have is ending. Can I enroll in the college health insurance plan?

  • Students will be able to enroll after the enrollment deadline if they lose coverage under their parent’s plan, spouse's plan or employer plan.
  • To enroll, contact the Allen J. Flood Companies at 1-800-734-9326 ext. 9260.

I presently have health insurance. Can I waive the school health insurance?

  • The only way to waive the insurance is via the internet in the Lion's Den Student portal, at or from the Allen J. Flood Companies Inc. website at You may call the insurance company directly with any questions at: 1.800.734.9326 Ext 9260. 

What immunizations are required for entrance into the college?

  • Two measles vaccines at least 30 days apart
  • One mumps vaccine
  • One rubella vaccine


  • Two MMRs, (combined measles, mumps and rubella), at least 30 days apart


  • Serologic evidence of immunity for each disease (Titers: blood work)

Please refer to the Immunization Certification Form. It is New York State Law that we have these records on file in the Student Health Services office for all students born on or after January 1, 1957.

I don’t have any records of my immunizations. Where can I get them?
You may obtain these records from your:

  • Health care provider
  • High school
  • Previous college you attended

Do I have to complete and submit the meningitis vaccination response form?

  • Only commuter students must complete, sign and return the meningitis vaccination response form. It is a New York state law to do so. This is not applicable to the students living on campus.

Where can I find the Student Health Services health forms?

I am trying to register, (or drop/add a class), and I can’t because I have a student health services hold.

  • If you have a student health services hold and cannot register, or drop/add a class, you need to come to, or call, the student health services office to see what health information is missing.
  • The student health services office must have your immunization records and your meningitis form on file in order for you to continue with registration matters.

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