Fall 2020 Student FAQs

When do classes start?
Classes for the Fall semester begin on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

Is Lions Den accurate?
The course schedule has been modified to adjust modality of instruction. It is our belief that the schedule is accurate. However, there is always the possibility of minor changes. If you have particular concerns, we suggest you contact your department or your dean.

What are the different formats of classes for the fall semester?  
Fall courses will have a variety of formats. Please be aware that all courses with a face-to-face component are subject to change due to the current COVID-19 infection rate and subsequent restrictions imposed by New York State, the Department of Health, or the CDC. 
Course formats are as follows:  

  • Face-to-face (F2F) - course meets in a designated location for a designated time/day
  • Online asynchronous - course will be online and weekly participation is required but there is no established meeting time 
  • Online synchronous - course will be online with all or some of the meetings at a designated time
  • Hybrid - course will have some online meetings and some synchronous F2F meetings in a classroom (or in the case of a lab or clinical component, at off-site locations), at designated times 

Why was the decision made to offer the majority of courses remotely?  
Due to space limitations and to enhance the safety of our face-to-face instruction. Offering most courses remotely enables the College to spread students out in larger classrooms and further maintain social distancing in face-to-face situations.

How were courses prioritized for instructional modality?  
Each academic department was given an opportunity to determine what course should be prioritized to be face-to-face. Consideration was given to course format, safety and learning outcomes.

Who decided whether or not a course would be synchronous or asynchronous?  
Individual academic departments made those determinations. 

Will all courses be synchronous?  
No. Some courses will be asynchronous.

Does Molloy College mandate synchronous online courses?  
No. Academic departments in consultation with faculty make the determination regarding modality of instruction. In the event that modality cannot be accommodated due to logistical reasons, the Office of Academic Affairs would be involved in discussing the decision. 

Why are all classes going to be remote after Thanksgiving?  
It is presumed that many students will travel for the holiday or their families could entertain others from out of state. Making all courses remote after Thanksgiving reduces the possibility of increased risk to the Molloy Community.

If all classes are remote after Thanksgiving, can residential students return to their home state?  
Yes. The residence halls will close on November 24, 2020. If students are returning to their home state, they should clearly communicate with their faculty that they will not be available to participate in internships, student teaching, practicums, etc. Often those activities require participation at times when campus activity is limited.

Are faculty available to online students?  
Full-time faculty are required to have office hours and those hours should be indicated on their syllabus. Adjunct, or part-time, faculty, are generally available to meet with you by appointment. If you need to discuss something or do not understand course content, you should make an appointment to meet with the faculty member. Additionally, some faculty will be on campus at certain designated times.

How many classes will be hybrid?  
There are approximately 150 hybrid courses at this time.

Can my course schedule be modified to meet my personal needs?  
Students have the flexibility to drop/add courses. It is advised that you discuss your decision with the Student Solution Center or your academic department to ensure that your goals are identified and you understand the ramifications of changing your course schedule. You can contact the Student Solution Center at studentsolutioncenter@molloy.edu 

What if I have health issues that prevent me from coming to campus?  
If you are unable to attend face-to-face classes due to your personal situation, you should contact the Disability Support Services (DSS) office to discuss your course schedule needs. You can email dss@molloy.edu to discuss accomodations.

What does it mean if a course is listed without a meeting time?  
A course without a meeting time is an asynchronous online course. Therefore, there are no scheduled meeting times.

How do students know if a class is synchronous?  
Courses are identified in course search in "type" as such in Lion's Den. Alternately, if there is a meeting time it is synchronous.

Will professors have sufficient Wi-Fi to offer synchronous courses?  
Faculty who are teaching from their homes will assess their personal Wi-Fi capability to avoid problems while teaching. If Faculty are personally able to come to campus, they can teach from their office where Wi-Fi is also available.

What do students do when they have an online synchronous class adjacent to a face-to-face course or several face-to-face courses with breaks?  
The vast majority of courses are online. However, in the event that you must be present on campus, there will be access to spaces to sit for your online synchronous class or in between classes. Please be aware that SOME synchronous courses many not meet for every session, but may assign you some asynchronous lectures and independent activity. Labs will be limited, and we expect some conferencing that professors will explain at the beginning of the semester.

What will the Spring 2021 semester look like?  
At this time, we would be unable to predict the trajectory of the pandemic. Molloy College will continue to consider the safety of the community in all plans, with the ability to be flexible as the CDC and Department of Health better understand the nature of the Coronavirus. Of course, the preference of Molloy College is to resume our typical face-to-face activity.

Will there be additional Zoom sessions scheduled based on program of study/school? 
Yes. There will be additional Zoom sessions held by each School. Additionally, there will be a separate Zoom session for each Nursing class (year of study). Questions specific to your program of study - clinical experiences, classroom observations and student teaching, access to the Speech-Language and Hearing Center etc. - will be addressed. Please check your email for more information.

Will first-year Nursing students have any in-person classes? 
It is expected that nursing students will have some face-to-face classes in some disciplines. Each student has an individual schedule and in general first-year student classes were prioritized for face-to-face instruction.

Is there a date for the release of AP scores? Is there a deadline to submit scores?   
AP Score reports are typically released in July. Students should contact College Board with any questions about a release date. There is no deadline of when students should submit scores by. Once students obtain their scores, they should send them ASAP so they can be placed in the correct classes.

What is the process for transferring in credits from college-level courses taken while in high school? Is there a deadline to submit transcripts? 
Any college credits that were earned while in high school must be sent directly from the college or university that the course was taken. Students should request official transcripts from the college or university to be sent to the Molloy College Admissions Office. We look for a C or better for most classes to transfer over.

Are there tuition payment plans?

  • Monthly Payment Plans are offered through Cashnet.  To enroll, beginning on July 15, 2020, the student must log into their Lion's Den Account, choose the My Finances tab and click on Go To Cashnet. You will be able to see the payment options.
  • The plan consists of 5-monthly payments per semester.  (July-November for Fall; December-April for Spring) 
  • There is no interest charged for using a payment plan, but there is a $45 enrollment fee per semester 

Is the bill sent out in July for the fall semester or for the year? When is the tuition bill due? What is the payment schedule?

  • The bill for the Fall semester will be mailed on July 15, 2020; the bill for the spring semester will be mailed out in the middle of December 
  • The Office of the Bursar will send only one other bill by mail for the Fall semester at the beginning of October, after financial aid has been disbursed to the student accounts 
  •  Bills can be viewed online 24/7; students can log into their Lions Den Account, choose the My Finances tab and click on "Course and Fee Statement"
  • Payment due date for Fall is August 3, 2020; Payment due date for Spring is January 3, 2021
  • Payments can be made online; students can log into their Lions Den Account, choose the My Finances tab; click on Go To Cashnet and choose "make a payment" 
  • Payments are due in full on the dates noted above, unless the student is enrolled in a Monthly Payment Plan through Cashnet

How does health insurance work?

  • Molloy provides Student Medical Insurance for students who need it
  • Full-time undergraduate students are automatically charged for the Student Medical Insurance Plan on the Fall bill
  • Part-time and graduate students can enroll in the Student Medical Insurance Plan but must contact the insurance company directly at 800-734-9326 
  • New students and students who were not full-time in the Fall and become full-time in Spring, will be charged a prorated amount on their Spring bill
  • If the student is covered by an existing plan that is equal to or better than the coverage offered through Molloy, the student can submit a waiver.  Once the waiver is submitted and accepted, the charge for the Medical Insurance appearing on the bill will be credited back to the student
  • Waivers can be accessed by logging into the Student's Lion's Den Account,  choose the My Finances tab and click on the link under the caption "Student Medical Insurance Plan."  Information regarding the plan can be found here as well
  • Waivers for Fall must be submitted by October 1, 2020.  NO WAIVERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT DATE.  (Waivers for Spring must be submitted by February 1, 2021.  NO WAIVERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT DATE
  • Rosters of students needing medical insurance (i.e. those who did not waive the insurance) will be sent to the insurance company.  The insurance company will email the student with information on how to obtain insurance ID cards

What is the plan for student clubs on campus this fall? Programming and events? 
While the majority of club meetings and events will occur virtually for the Fall semester, there will also be in-person experiences planned in collaboration with Campus Life and Residence Life. We plan to utilize our outdoor spaces on campus as often as possible while weather permits. Please visit life.molloy.edu and CORQ for more information and updates.

What is the housing situation for CAP students? Fall/spring? 
For CAP21 students who are taking courses online for Fall 2020 and have extenuating circumstances that requires they live on campus, they should email residencelife@molloy.edu for more information about filling out a housing appeal. For housing for Spring 2021, information will be sent out to all students regarding the application process at the beginning of November.

Will there be a separate Zoom session to further discuss the CAP21 program? 
Yes, there will be another Zoom session specifically for CAP students/families hosted by the department. Additional information to follow.

Will the Manhattan Center be open for the spring semester? 
Yes, the plan as of now is for the Manhattan Center to be open in the Spring.

What is the plan to make CAP21 students feel welcome come spring semester? 
The Campus Life and Residence Life Teams will hold programming in the spring to welcome and acclimate CAP21 students coming to campus for the first time.

Is the program fee still being charged? 
The program fee of $3,000 will be charged to all levels of theatre students, in both the Fall and Spring semesters. 

Do out of state students need to arrive early to self-quarantine? 
We are waiting for additional guidance from New York State and will share that information with residential students as soon as it is available.

Do students and employees need a COVID-19 test prior to coming to campus?
Residential students will be required to complete a COVID-19 test prior to move in day.  Residential students will receive additional details in August.  

Will residential students be permitted to return home should they test positive? 
Yes, if a residential student tests positive, they will be encouraged to return home if they are able to travel.  

How do temperature kiosks comply with HIPAA?
HIPAA does not apply to Molloy College as the College is not a "covered entity" under the law; however, the College will maintain the confidentiality of all records obtained by the temperature kiosks. The results of temperature scans will only be viewable by members of Student Health Services.  

Will face coverings be required? Will Molloy be providing them?
Yes, a face covering that covers both the nose and mouth must be worn by all individuals while indoors and outdoors when unable to maintain social distance. Molloy will provide a washable and reusable cloth face covering to all students who have at least one face-to-face class in the fall semester. Students are encouraged to wear their own face coverings; however, the College will have disposable face masks readily available for students in need.

Can I schedule a face-to-face appointment with Financial Aid?
Currently you are able to schedule phone or Zoom appointments with financial aid counselors. Please call 516-323-4200 to schedule an appointment. There are no in-person appointments at this time.  

Is there a deadline for Parent Plus Loans?   
We can process a Parent PLUS Loan throughout the academic year. Once the term ends, we will be unable to process a PLUS loan. We certainly recommend applying as early as possible.   

How can I schedule an appointment to speak to someone regarding Financial Aid forms that I still need to complete?
Currently you are able to schedule phone or Zoom appointments with financial aid counselors. Please call 516-323-4200 to schedule.   

Who do I contact to make sure my forms have been received?   
You can email financialaid@molloy.edu or call 516-323-4200, or email the Student Solution Center at studentsolutioncenter@molloy.edu or call 516-323-4400. 

Will there still be work-study opportunities this Fall?   
As of right now, we are unsure about the plans for the Fall. Once we have further guidance from the Department of Education, we will let students know.

Is health insurance added on for commuters? 
ALL full time undergraduates are automatically charged for the insurance regardless if they are a commuter or resident student. They MUST waive it to have the fee removed. Waivers can be accessed by logging into the Student's Lion's Den Account, choose the "My Finances" tab and click on the link under the caption "Student Medical Insurance Plan."  Information regarding the plan can be found here as well. Waivers for Fall must be submitted by October 1, 2020.  NO WAIVERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT DATE.  (Waivers for Spring must be submitted by February 1, 2021.  NO WAIVERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT DATE.)   

When are health forms due and how can they be submitted? 
Resident Student Health Forms are due no later than August 6th.  Commuters should submit their records as soon as possible. Technically, all immunization records should be submitted 7 days after a student registers. Forms can be submitted via email to studenthealthservices@molloy.edu or faxed to 516-323-3476.   

Where can health forms be accessed? 
Forms can be accessed here and have also been sent as attachments in the immunization request emails that went to Lions email and the personal email addresses that the student provided to the school.

How do students access their Molloy email? 
Access to email is granted upon registration, or in the case of this year's freshman class, upon confirmation. Instructions are e-mailed to the personal account the student applied with.

What technology will be needed for courses that do not meet in person?
Technical specifications will be emailed to students by the end of July.  

Is there an opportunity for students to receive financial assistance with technology purchases or is there a rental/loaner program? 
If a student is experiencing financial hardship, they should contact the Student Solution Center at studentsolutioncenter@molloy.edu  or Student Affairs at studentaffairs@molloy.edu.   

Will work spaces be available on campus for students who have both in person and hybrid/online courses? 
Yes, there will be spaces on campus for students who have classes in different modalities.

Will the library be open in person? What services will be available to students? 
While our facilities will be closed for the fall semester, we will be offering all of our services virtually. The Molloy community can ask a JET librarian a question using the Ask Us box found throughout our website. Students can schedule virtual one-on-one appointments with JET librarians. Our extensive virtual collections, including expanded ebook collections, continue to be available 24/7. ILLiad, the JET's interlibrary loan system, is available to request virtual materials not in our collection.

How do I get a parking pass? 
Please complete the online parking permit request form and a parking permit will be mailed to the address submitted.

How do I get my Molloy ID? 
Appointment dates and times will be available in August for students to come to campus for their ID cards. Students will be emailed about these dates.   

What is the shuttle situation for the Fall? 
The current plan is to operate the shuttles for the Fall semester at half capacity. Molloy ID and face covering are required to ride the shuttle.   

Can parents be added to the emergency notification system? 
Yes, students can add anyone they'd like to the RAVE notification system. Instructions are available on the RAVE login page.

Can local students from Long Island live on campus? 
Yes, local students are eligible to live on campus.   

Will there be any regulations on residents leaving campus to visit friends/family during the fall semester? 
No, the College is not imposing any restrictions on leaving campus; however, the Residence Life Team strongly advises residents to remain conscious of social distancing measures. All students will be required to abide by the guidelines set forth regarding to temperature kiosks and monitoring symptoms.  Also, please be aware that students who travel out of the state of New York may be subject to a 14-day quarantine upon their return to New York.  

Is housing confirmed or do you expect there to be changes for the Fall? 
At this point people that have been assigned are confirmed. We will continue to monitor state and local guidelines and if things do change, we will relay the information to all students.   

Are costs for meal plans or housing changing? 
Housing and Meal Plan charges have been updated to reflect the residence halls closing for Fall 2020 at the start of Thanksgiving Break.

When is move in day for the Fall and what will the process look like? 
Move in days will be September 5-7. Each resident will be assigned a timeslot for when they are allowed to move in. Additional information will be sent to all residents at the beginning of August. 

To keep tuition costs as affordable as possible, Molloy announced no tuition increase for 2020-2021.  Maintaining our position as one of the most affordable private colleges on Long Island, Molloy's Fall 2020 plan is employing new technology and expertise to deliver the same high-quality academic experience for its students in all delivery formats, whether in-person, hybrid/hyflex, or online.  Our dedicated professors will deliver the content for all courses, and students will receive the same credits, degrees and credentials expected of a Molloy education.  All of our offices and spaces will be open and in use, including classrooms and student support areas, and staff will be available to provide assistance for students.  Our Fall plan has introduced new technology upgrades and safety features, including additional cleaning, PPE gear, and upgraded filtration systems.

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