Additional information can be found on the Molloy University COVID-19 website.

1. Filtration: 

Will there be upgrades to the air filtration systems in all buildings/houses/offices at all Molloy locations, including MERV-13 filters?  When will these filters be installed, before or after we begin in-person classes?

Any locations that have the capability of installing a MERV-13 filter will have one installed.  These filters arrived on August 7th and installation will begin the week of August 10th. The timeline to complete all of the buildings depends on the availability of the filters. The manufacturer is shipping them as they become available.

2. Technology: 

a.  Where can students find out what type of computer technology (computer, web cam, software, etc.) will be required for their remote coursework? 

A detailed technology requirements sheet has been posted on Lions' Den for all students to view.

b.  How do employees access additional technological needs, i.e., webcam, microphone, etc.?

Employees should make their requests to supervisors. Supervisors should work with their VP who should make the request to Mike Olivo in IT. We cannot guarantee that equipment will be available due to lack of stock and shipment delays.

c.  Can we provide dedicated CANVAS support for students like we do for faculty?

Our agreement with Canvas already provides 24/7 support for students. Most student issues with Canvas are with faculty-controlled materials including course and material publishing dates, use of external tools, and Lockdown Browser. Lockdown Browser is being phased out in favor of Proctorio which also provides 24/7 support.

d.  Can we use Microsoft Teams for students and external meetings?

You can use Teams, however, internal support for Teams is limited. Faculty can and should utilize Zoom for synchronous class meetings. 

e.  What product will we be using for remote exam testing?

Proctorio has been selected as the remote exam tool.

f.  Will there be specific protocols for using copiers in offices?

We recommend that users print to copy machines and use their ID card to release the print job. This is a no touch experience at the copier. If you need to touch the machine such as to scan or make copies, disinfecting wipes which were distributed to your department, should be used lightly to disinfect the machine. Public use copiers, such as the machine in Kellenberg, will have a cannister nearby for public use. 

3.  Public Safety: 

Will the shuttle busses still be running in the Fall semester?

Yes. Shuttles will run at 50% reduced capacity. 7 passengers per shuttle. Schedules will be sent out and posted in September.

4.  Health & Safety:

a.  Will Molloy provide masks if someone does not have one?

Yes. Molloy will provide masks for all employees and anyone who does not have one. 

b.  Will everyone be required to wear masks? 

Everyone is required to wear face coverings indoors and outdoors when social distancing cannot be maintained.

c.  What are the protocols if you or your co-worker tests positive?

If someone reads positive, they should remain home and follow instructions from their healthcare provider and Department of Health. All employees should inform Human Resources and Student Health Services. 

d.  Will there be any routine testing other than temperature checks?

At this time, only resident students will be tested for COVID-19.

e.  What happens if someone has a temperature? 

There is a protocol that will be posted next to each kiosk. 

f.  If someone needs testing, where do they go?

Individuals should consult with their primary care provider for a testing location.

g.  Will temperature kiosks be in every Molloy building at every Molloy location?

Yes, with the exception of the Molloy houses, Sacred Heart Chapel, Maintenance Building, Public Safety, and CERCOM.  They will have forehead thermometers.

h.  Will everyone need to take their temperature in every building or just once a day upon entry to any building? 

You only need to take your temperature once per day, upon arrival.

i.  Will everyone need to fill out the health questionnaire on a daily basis?

Yes. Prior to coming to campus each day, everyone must fill out and submit a COVID-19 Symptom Questionnaire.

j.  Will there be signage or videos with instructions for all health and safety protocols?

Yes. Video will be shared at the end of August/ early September.  Signage is currently being posted at all Molloy locations. 

k.  Who is responsible for contact tracing?  

The Department of Health (DOH): If someone self-reports a case, Student Health Services will call the DOH where the person resides. If Student Health Services is made aware of an exposure on campus, they will call Nassau County DOH for guidance regardless of where the person lives. Student Health Services would also call the DOH where the person resides.

l.  How are we notified if someone tests positive? 

The Department of Health will inform you in most cases or they will tell Student Health Services to notify people who were in close contact with that person (people are only notified if someone tests positive if the DOH instructs Student Health Services to notify people).

5 Field Training/Internships:

a.  Will there be off-site field placements and internships? What are the protocols for students doing field training or internships?

Internships and field placements will be offered depending on the availability and willingness of our partners. Some virtual/remote internships, in addition to face-to-face experiences have already been organized in keeping with the practices of our community partners. Students should discuss their individual internships and field placements with their academic departments.

b.  Can classes visit off-campus field sites, i.e., museums, if they are open?

Group travel off campus is discouraged; however, each situation will be evaluated on an individual basis.

6.  Office Occupancy: 

Will we have information regarding the safe number of individuals allowed in administrative or faculty offices? Will we still need to make an appointment to come to campus?

Supervisors will determine office staffing, based on institutional need.  All employees coming to campus should seek permission from their supervisor.  A master calendar for September is being created by each area vice president, which will provide the necessary information regarding who will be on campus and when.  All employees need to have prior approval to be on campus.  Faculty members teaching face-to-face do not need approval, if they are scheduled to teach.  Faculty members who have a standing appointment (i.e., working in a research lab), do not need to make an appointment, as their supervisor should have listed them on the schedule.  However, if a faculty member is coming in on an occasional basis, they will require an appointment.  In all cases, everyone must fill out and submit a COVID-19 Symptom Questionnaire.

If you are unsure about the number of individuals in your office space, you can contact jbiscari@molloy.edu to discuss.  There should be one person per office space. 

7.  Classroom Protocols:

a.  Can you please provide instruction regarding a) if a student reports exposure to someone who tested positive, b) if the student has tested positive? Do we immediately switch to online delivery?  Does everyone quarantine for 14 days?

If a student reports exposure, or has tested positive, Student Health Services will call the DOH where the person resides, who will determine what measures will be taken as a result. Any decision to close or quarantine will be made based on all available information.

b.  How do we enter and exit classrooms, one at a time with 6-foot distancing?

Judgement and caution should be used when entering and exiting all areas of the College.  It is recommended that courses be dismissed reminding students not to crowd doorways. All rooms should be vacated prior to the next class entering.

c.  Will masks need to be worn throughout the class by everyone?

Masks are required to be worn by all when indoors.

8.  Extra Space for Student Needs: 

Will there be space on campus for students to work that have a face-to-face course and then an online course afterwards? Will there be study spaces available for students? Will the student labs or Information Commons be available for students to use?

The Information commons, Quinn Student Lounge, Public Square Lobby will be available with limited capacity due to social distancing. Outdoor seating spaces will also be available for students.

9.  Human Resources: 

a.  What happens when an employee tests positive and is sick for longer than 14 days?

All regular leave policies are still in effect to assist our employees who may become ill or have individual family issues.  FMLA, Short-term disability, paid family leave are all available to covered employees in addition to their Molloy personal time-off balances (sick, vacation, personal). The Department of Health works with Molloy Student Health Services to determine the appropriateness as to when quarantines are mandated.

b.  Would the 14-day sick leave apply to those who tested positive but are working from home?

An employee working from home and performing their duties are considered to be working.

c.  How are accommodation requests managed?

Employees have the opportunity to apply for accommodations or an adjustment, based on their individual situation. Accommodations are granted for an employee covered by the CDC high-risk Covid-19 categories as stated on the Molloy Accommodation request form. An Adjustment is negotiated with an employee who has requested Molloy to consider some factors impacting their work schedules that is not related to those CDC Covid-19 categories regarding that employee's own health.

The Human Resource Department determines if an employee has presented a case that merits consideration. Once Human Resources has determined an accommodation is warranted, HR will notify the employee. The person in charge of your area(s) will be made aware. Individual work schedules and assignments should be discussed with your department and alterations can be made in consultation with your direct supervisor(s). Faculty arrangements are processed in a partnership between Academic Affairs and HR.

10.  Campus Events/Meetings: 

Will we be able to host events or in-person meetings?

All administrative meetings should be held remotely until further notice. Events will not take place in person.  

11.  Travel Restrictions: 

What are the current travel restrictions and quarantine procedures for students and employees returning from a state on the NY quarantine list?  

All students and employees who are traveling or who plan to travel outside of the State of New York must complete Molloy's Travel Screening Form. Student Health Services will contact any individual whose destination requires them to quarantine for 14 days upon their return to New York. An individual under quarantine must not be in public or otherwise leave the quarters that they have identified as suitable for their quarantine. For an up-to-date list of destinations requiring quarantine, see the New York Department of Health COVID-19 Travel Advisory and the CDC Travel Health Notices. An employee who travels to a destination that requires quarantine will not be eligible for New York's COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave. 

Student Health Services staff will follow up with any employee who completes the travel screening form. They will update HR to determine employee sick time and Janine Biscari as it relates to access to a physical Molloy location.

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