Payroll Continuance

The College is grateful for our community, which has stepped up during this most challenging situation. I an writing to inform you of the following decisions regarding payroll continuance during the COVID-19 pandemic, effective March 11, 2020 through further notice.

All College employees who are scheduled to work during the 2020 spring semester will be paid as follows: 

  • Regular full-and part-time non-faculty employees will continue to receive their standard pay based on their stated salary and/or standard hours. 
  • Regular Full-time, Auxiliary, or Retirement-transition faculty will continue to receive their contract pay, plus any approved overload and/or previously approved stipends. 
  • Adjunct faculty paid on a per credit or per hour basis will continue to be paid at their stated rate of pay for the previously approved number of credits/hours. 
  • Non-exempt staff who are approved to work outside of their regularly scheduled work will continue to be paid for all hours worked and will be paid overtime in accordance with the employee handbook or appropriate collective bargaining agreement. Only employees classified as "essential," e.g. Public Safety, Maintenance and Custodial Services, should be approved to work outside of their regularly scheduled hours.
  • Temporary or per-diem staff and student workers will be paid at their regular hourly pay rate for the number of hours they would have been scheduled if not for this event.   
  • Conservatory Instructors will be paid at their stated rate of pay for the number of hours worked per week. 

Any employee who regularly submits a time sheet, must submit a time sheet to their supervisor via email who should approve and send to Bob Carlson at to facilitate the payroll process. If you are unclear as to which of the above categories applies to you, please respond to Lisa Miller at for further clarification.      

The transition to remotely-held classes does not mean the College is closed. To the contrary: teaching, learning, and research will carry on and the College is committed to continuing its operations during this time. Although we are largely conducting and managing our administrative and business operations remotely in compliance with federal, state and local guidance, the expectation is that employees will continue to do a full day's work from home to the extent possible. Human Resources will work with supervisors to assign alternate work to those whose regular workload has been limited due to this event. Thank you and all the best to you and your families.    


Lisa Miller
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator, Molloy College

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