Residence Life FAQ - Spring Move-In

 Residence Life FAQ

Spring Move-in:

When can I move onto campus for the Spring?

Move in dates for Spring 2021 are January 17 and 18 by appointment only.  In order to be eligible for move in, students MUST be cleared by Health Services and Bursar. We will send an email to all residents with their move-in date and times on December 22.  

If I need to move in after January 18, can I?
Yes, please email and we can schedule an alternate move in date after January 18.

Can students/residents have help with moving into the halls? Is there a time limit for move-in?

As of now, two members of the student's household are allowed to help the student move in during their move in appointment. Parents traveling from non-contiguous states must adhere to all travel quarantine protocols in order to assist with move-in. You will receive a specific window of time for your appointment and will be required to leave when that window of time has passed.

What types of rooms are available for Spring 2021? Double and single rooms are available for Spring 2021. Some double rooms in Bogner Hall have lofted beds and a third set of furniture that cannot be removed from the room. You will be notified when you are assigned a room if you have this type of room.

Is there a way I can see what my room looks like before move-in?

Yes. Email to request pictures of your room be sent to you before move in.   

How do I ship packages to Molloy for my room?

You can mail to:

Student Name

Building and room number

Molloy College 1000 Hempstead Avenue

Rockville Centre, NY 11571

*Please be advised that Molloy College will be closed from December 23 - January 3 and that no packages can be delivered during this time.  Please do not ship any items to Molloy during this time period.  

Will there be welcome week events for new residents who are moving into the halls in January?
Yes, Residence Life is planning fun, interactive and safe welcome week events for all residents to attend!  Campus Life is also hosting Welcome Week during the first week of the semester.  More information to follow as we get closer to the start of the semester. We are excited to welcome you to Molloy!

Covid Testing:

What are the testing requirements for out-of-state students before move-in?

On November 3rd, New York State issued revised travel advisory guidance, which may be found here. Based upon this guidance, individuals traveling to New York State from a non-contiguous state or from an international destination that has a level 2 or 3 travel health notice, may test-out of the mandatory 14-day quarantine if they (i) obtain a diagnostic COVID test within 72 hours prior to arrival in New York; (ii) quarantine for three days upon arrival to New York; and (iii) obtain a COVID diagnostic test on the fourth day of quarantine and receive a negative result from that test. Students must meet the test-out criteria above, submit both negative test results to, and be cleared by Health Services in order to move into their residence hall room and/or attend classes in person. Students must also provide proof of quarantine including a hotel receipt or address of private residence with accompanying dates of quarantine.   

Students who are from New York or from a contiguous state (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Vermont), must take a Covid test within 3 days of their move in appointment and receive negative test results.  

What is the protocol if a student gets a positive COVID-19 test while in the halls?

If a student tests positive for COVID-19 while living on campus, Residence Life will work with that student to immediately place them student in one of the isolation spaces on campus. The student will work with Health Services and the Department of Health to contact trace and identify any other close contacts that may need to quarantine. If students need to quarantine, Residence Life will work with that student to immediately place them in one of the quarantine spaces on campus.  

During a student's quarantine/isolation period, Residence Life is the student's go-to contact and will coordinate all food delivery from the Anselma Room as well as connect the student with virtual events happening on campus to keep the student engaged!  

Where is the closest place to campus that I can get a COVID-19 test?

City MD

560 Merrick Rd.

Rockville Centre, NY 11570

Phone: (516) 858-2373

If you have questions regarding cost and your insurance being accepted at this location, please contact City MD directly.

General Housing questions

What can/can't I bring to the halls?

Check out the list of what to bring and what not to bring to campus by clicking here.

Are the lounges, study and practice rooms in the halls still open?

Yes, all lounges, study and practice rooms are open. All residents are required to wear masks and adhere to capacity guidelines that are posted.

Are the bathrooms specifically assigned to students?

Yes, upon move-in, you will receive a stall, sink and shower number that will be assigned to you for the semester in order to limit the amount of people using each and to enable accurate contact tracing if needed.

How often are the bathrooms cleaned/disinfected in the halls? 

Bathrooms are cleaned at least 4 times daily.   

Do I have to pay for laundry in the residence halls?

No, laundry is free for all residents.

Are there computers and printers in the residence halls?

Yes, there are computers and printers in each residence hall for students to use 24/7.

Does Molloy provide free Wi-Fi or should we bring our own routers?

All residence halls have free Wi-Fi and internet access.  

How can I rent a microfridge for my room?

You can rent a Microfridge by clicking here.

Where and when can I get my ID?

You will be able to get your ID on your designated move-in date at the Public Safety office located behind Maria Regina Hall.  ID cards must be worn in a visible location at all times at every Molloy location.  

Can I have outside guests visit me in the halls during the semester?

No, residents are not allowed to have outside guests visit in the halls at this time. Only current residents are invited to visit other residents' rooms.  

Do you need to carry your Molloy ID with you? 

Yes, students must wear their Molloy ID while at any Molloy location.  

Are there vacuums available for residents to use?

Yes, there will be a vacuum at the front desk of each residence hall for students to sign out and use in their room.

Meal Plans and Food:

Are there any changes to dining for the Spring? How can I change my meal plan for Spring 2020?

Yes, for Spring 2021 only, meal plans are optional. Residents have not been charged for a meal plan for Spring 2021. If you would like to add money to your Lions card (Student ID), please visit If you would like to add a meal plan, please fill out this form:   

How can I order food online from Lessing's?

You can order food online here: or

Will I still be able to get food delivered to campus?

Yes, students are still able to get food delivered to campus from local Restaurants.  

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