Living Learning Communities


The Molloy University Office of Residence Life is thrilled to announce the launch of MolloyWell, Molloy University's new holistic living learning community!  

What is a living learning community (LLC)? Living learning communities (LLCs) are specialized living environments that connect students inside and outside their classroom experiences. Students in this area will have a direct connection to resources including a Resident Assistant (RA) who will work hand in hand with staff to promote the overall ideals and mission of the community. This will include a curriculum centered on such topics as healthy eating, stress management, physical and mental fitness and ensuring that students are equipped with the necessary skills and resources to not only be well but MolloyWell.  

Why should you live in this new Living Learning Community? Living Learning Communities (LLC)  are the ideal way to make friends and to share common interests. Research shows that students who participate have higher academic success, higher graduation rates and higher satisfaction in their overall collegiate experience.  

Is there an additional cost to the MolloyWell community? There is not an additional cost for this new initiative but space is limited and is available on a first come first serve basis by application.  

How do I apply?
The application is online here: 2019 MolloyWell Application. Note that you must be confirmed to attend Molloy and approved to live on campus for Fall 2019 to be eligible for this opportunity. Please review the application for specific instructions, note that roommate groups will only be placed in the community by mutual request.  

Living MolloyWell means that you will be exploring ways to make intentional choices about your life and health along with balance, focus and a strong connection to staff and community resources.