Meet Your Orientation Team

Jamie Alter

Be: Inspired
Fun Fact: I have 7 siblings.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Molloy 2019 Game Night Out.

Montana Aquino

Be: Strong
Fun Fact: I love passion fruit juice and my dog Charlie more than anything on this planet.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Attending my first Molloy College basketball game.

John Armioia

Be: Different
Fun Fact: I broke my right arm four times before turning 10 years old. Ouch!
Favorite Molloy Memory: Having a great night at Snow Ball Formal with all of my friends.

Anika Chowdhury

Be: Fearless
Fun Fact: I want to go into medicine as my career, and hopefully provide medicine to the underprivileged globally.
Favorite Molloy Memory: When the fire drill went off during a Molloy Student Government meeting, so we had to continue the meeting outside.

Devon Hagerstorm

Be: Adventurous
Fun Fact: I am on the volleyball team here at Molloy.
Favorite Molloy Memory: End of the Year BBQ my freshman year.

Mason Hermges

Be: Fearless
Fun Fact: I've met Mark Hamill and took a picture with him on a broadway stage.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Being able to learn and play Rugby with a team that has become my family away from home.

Jennifer Hernandez

Be: Open-minded
Fun Fact: I do kickboxing
Favorite Molloy Memory: Maroon Madness!!

Ryan Houlihan

Be: Ambitious
Fun Fact: I have traveled to Scotland and Spain with Molloy.
Favorite Molloy Memory: The annual Halloween party.

Lucijan Jovic

Be: A Leader
Fun Fact: I have traveled to Europe over 20 times.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Working with my very own orientation leaders on Molloy Student Government.

Julia Kraemer

Be: Smart
Fun Fact: I can drive stick shift.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Meeting some of my best friends in my FST class.

Anna LaSala

Be: Kind
Fun Fact: I play the clarinet.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Attending Maroon Madness!

Mollie Mae

Be: Blooming
Fun Fact: I have over 20 animals at my house in Texas.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Being an orientation leader last year. 

Adam Mahadeo

Be: Confident
Fun Fact: I am the captain of the Molloy College Esports Team.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Coming to Molloy! I immediately felt like it was home, a comfortable place, that has always made me feel safe.

Anne McGoldrick   

Be: Kind
Fun Fact: I play 4 musical instruments (piano, guitar, ukulele, flute).
Favorite Molloy Memory: Hosting a walking bake sale with the Music Therapy Club. 

Ellen Moffitt

Be: Vibrant
Fun Fact: I'm on Molloy's Step Team.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Performing at Maroon Madness!

Delaney Kelly

Be: Eager
Fun Fact: I was the first student to put down a deposit to secure my seat for the Class of 2020 
Favorite Molloy Memory: Meeting my roommates for the first time.  They are now my best friends!

Jaycie Perretta

Be: Spontaneous
Fun Fact: I can recite the alphabet backwards.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Performing in "Shrek: The Musical" with MPAC!

Helen Pham

Be: Unstoppable
Fun Fact: As a 2nd year Nursing student, I served as the 2017-2018 President of the Nursing Students' Association of New York State (NSANYS) .
Favorite Molloy Memory: Seeing how a club that I started with my best friend (MASA) has brought together the diversity of our campus and exposure to different Asian cultures. 

Gabriella Riepe

Be: Adventurous
Fun Fact: I love snowboarding.
Favorite Molloy Memory: The Drake Bell concert.

Emily Rogan

Be: Confident
Fun Fact: I have a pet hedgehog named Garbanzo.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Boxtown 19 & 20.

Jack Ryan

Be: Ethical
Fun Fact: When I go for runs, my favorite song to listen to is "The Show Must Go On" by Queen.
Favorite Molloy Memory: When Lucijan called me to tell me that I got the Assistant position on Molloy Student Government.

Lauren Ships

Be: Present
Fun Fact: I am 5'6 but I have a 6-ft wingspan.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Hanging out with my friends in the Media Lab and playing UNO and connect four. 

Carly Spadafora

Be: Passionate
Fun Fact: I was on Family Feud and won.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Performing on stage with MPAC.

Briana Stephenson

Be: Positive
Fun Fact: I auditioned for America's Got Talent as a hip-hop dancer
Favorite Molloy Memory: Winning Grit 'N Wit with my four other Freshman Class Presidents and hearing that we were going to compete on ESPN.

Khayandra Tapuro

Be: Fearless
Fun Fact: I helped co-found Molloy Asian Student Association and served as President of the club for the past 2 years.
Favorite Molloy Memory: MSG's Back to School BBQ.

Joseph Thomas

Be: Inspired
Fun Fact: I've been a magician for the last 13 years and I've performed on cruise ships and for celebrities.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Being a part of Molloy Student Government.

Sydney Wade

Be: True
Fun Fact: I have never pumped my own gas #NewJerseyLife .
Favorite Molloy Memory: Joining Molloy Student Government! I've made lifelong friends and great memories .

Fred Voltaggio

Be: Honest
Fun Fact: I am easy going and laid back.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Going on the trips abroad and meeting new people. 

Chris Weber

Be: Resilient
Fun Fact: I'm a huge Drake fan.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Winning the Bob Houlihan Leadership Award at Mary E. Lilly Night.

Julia Winkler

Be: Adventurous
Fun Fact: This January, I will be traveling to El Salvador with Molloy Campus Ministries.
Favorite Molloy Memory: My New Student Orientation in 2017.

Patrick Wlodkowski

Be: Nursing
Fun Fact: I took this headshot with 9 stitches on my face.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Beast of the East Rugby Tournament.

Stacy Zachariah

Be: Daring
Fun Fact: I wear 2 pairs of socks with my sneakers.
Favorite Molloy Memory: Speaking in FST classes to encourage new freshmen to get involved! I pushed them to take a leap of faith just as I was pushed 3 years ago. 


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