Welcome Week 2018

Soccer in an inflatable ball? Volleyball and roller skating in the dark? Free functions engaging everyone? That sounds like Welcome Week at Molloy College.

            Things were looking pretty grim early afternoon on Thursday, September 6th. On the outside of campus, there was ferocious rain, gusty winds, loud thunder and bright lightning. On the inside, however, there was darkness, loud music, vibrant colors, and high-paced action. 

Students of Molloy College took to Hays Theatre under the sound of loud music to enjoy a night of roller skating in the dark. The energy inside the arena was almost palpable, as students busted out their best dance moves and showing off their skating prowess. 

"Everything just felt stress-free and it was a really chill moment with me and my friends", junior Regina Lasca stated.

The adrenaline rush gained from skating did not cease there, as students transferred over to the gymnasium to enjoy high-paced, non-stop volleyball action. In the midst of the darkness, and glowing volleyballs and nets, students from each side came in packs to showcase their athleticism and vigor for competition. 

"With all the moving around I did, I won't have to work out for the next three weeks", junior Joseph Sun recalled.

Though many watched on as spectators, there were plenty who took action, whether it was through skating on the dance floor, or taking to the courts. While there may have been loud thunder on the outside, it paled in comparison to the thunder of cheers and excitement that took on the volleyball court and the skating rink. 

It was an extremely captivating night for all involved, and students left the night full of energy, happiness and sweat.        

Two days later, the Welcome-Back BBQ took over the Public Square lawn. An event that features free food, free music, collaboration and a celebration to enter the new school year? That's right. 

It was a special event that rung in the new academic 2018-2019 school year. "This really confirmed to me that I made the right decision to come to Molloy College", freshman Natalie Balanzat said.

As students face the rest of the fall semester, they were sure to start with positive vibes permeating throughout the entire afternoon. The next crop of Lions had an experience they will not forget, and returning Lions enjoyed what makes the Molloy community unique.

As soon as the Welcome Back BBQ concluded, the activities continued with the Club Fair. Molloy is highly recognized for its diverse set of clubs and organizations on campus, and every one of them came out in full force, showcasing the full extent of what life at Molloy has to offer.

From clubs representing the wide array of ethnicities on campus, to organizations that strive to make a difference in the Molloy community, students signed up for various clubs. There was no shortage of interest from both sides, as there was a variety of specialties that suited all kinds.

To this day, the events that took place on September 11th, 2001 affects thousands of people. On September 11th, Molloy College its Welcome Week with the 9/11 Memorial Concert.

Since 2003, in conjunction with The September Concert Foundation, Molloy College has offered a special concert dedicated to the attacks. Administrative assistant of the Music Department Coleen Petersen stated, "It is always special to join with another in times of pain under the sound of music."

In memory of those who lost their lives on that tragic day, there was a special moment of song and prayer held in their honor. The Molloy community were joined together for a tragedy that penetrated the hearts of many.

To conclude the action-packed-week, Bubble Soccer came to the Public Square lawn. Soccer can be a very exhilarating sport, but have you ever wondered what it would be like if there was an.....upgrade? 

You may be familiar with the traditional form of soccer, which involves two large teams trying to use their feet to kick a ball into a net.

But, if you have ever wondered what it would be like to be trapped inside a bubble and accomplish the same thing, then bubble soccer is for you. In order to relieve some the stress that may come with a semester, students were tasked with playing soccer, but being trapped inside a bubble.         

Junior nursing student Dominick Casale described the experience like "being a human ping-pong ball."

Bodies flew all across the Public Square lawn. The only thing more captivating than the intensity of human bubbles being tossed around was the rush of adrenaline that came along with the unique dynamic of a popular sport.

Welcome Week ushered in a fresh start for new students and produced an interactive experience for all to enjoy. This was merely the start of what is sure to be another exciting year.