Molloy Welcomes Students With Welcome Week

By Richard Staple | News Content Editor | MolloyLife Media

With the end of summer comes the dawning of a new school year. Last week, Molloy College reopened its doors on September 4th, welcoming a new crop of students. To ingratiate students into the culture, Molloy held their annual Welcome Week. This is a very special week for both students and staff as a series of engaging events took place on campus.

What better way to start the school year by meeting...alpacas? That's right! As students walked through the road that leads to the Public Square, they were met by the furry animals who greeted them in kind. Many got to pet them, hold them and even talk to them, even though the alpacas did not feel like talking back. Junior Drew O'Connor was particularly engaged in this event, among others at Welcome Week.           

"I think it's great that Molloy has these events, especially during the first week back." The first week is typically one that can lead to anxiety and uncertainty due to getting acquainted with what college has to offer. However, these events have helped calm some of these nerves, and Sophomore Goldera Surles has realized the value of these events. She stated, "These events calm me down a bit and give us a break from classes."           


The fun did not stop there, as students were also greeted by representatives from the popular Medieval Times arena in Lyndhurst, NJ. Excited students took some photos with one of the knights as a little sneak preview for the event that took place on Saturday, September 7th. Before that, however, there were still more events to attend and more ways to engage with others on campus.           

Eurobungy took place the next day on Thursday on the Public Square lawn and took bungy jumping to a new level. This was another event that Goldera attended, and not only did she love the event being held, she loved participating even more. "Since this was during a time where I didn't have class, I could actually participate, and it was incredibly fun!"   


Even in the midst of all of these events, stressful times can come upon students, new or returning. That is why on that same day on the same Public Square lawn, there was a yoga session that took place with refreshing smoothies waiting for students as well. Yoga has proven to be a great stress-relieving activity and one that can have a lot of tangible benefits to students.           

Senior Alyssa Doto is looking forward to her final year at Molloy College, but stress happens to befall her now and again. This yoga session proved to be just what she needed. "It definitely helped me relax, and it was great to have it outside on the lawn with fresh air."           

Of course, that was during the day. At night, a litany of students showed up to Blacknight Night held in Hays Theatre and the gymnasium. Students were greeted with a variety of luminant colors, free T-shirts and engaging events. These events included mini-golf, bean bag tosses and intensive volleyball games. This was a testament to the versatility in the events that are held at Molloy College, as they can be both intensive, stress-relieving or both.    

Black Light       

Finally, on Saturday, students had options at their disposal to travel with fellow students and engage in more events. There was the Medieval Times trip to New Jersey, and there was also a chance to go kayaking at Hempstead State Park. Friends and senior students Kate Meyer and Morgan Anderson chose kayaking, and it was a choice they did not regret. Kate stated, "It was a great event, but the weather made it even better." Andersen added, "This was a valuable first memory of my senior year!"           

Welcome Week 2019 for Molloy College was a memorable week of engagement, stress relief and most importantly, fun. The best part? These events were merely the tip of the iceberg.