'Bash' begins new school year

by Marilena Rocco -  The Welcome Back Bash marks the beginning of another school year at Molloy College. The Welcome Back Bash, a party on the Campus Green, was a welcome to new and returning students. The event included free t-shirts, barbecue, obstacle courses within bouncy houses, and Pinkberry frozen yogurt. Music and laughter echoed throughout campus making the campus come alive with food, fun, and games after a summer off. Sponsored by Molloy Student Government and the Programming Coordinator, Amanda Ammirati, senior, the Welcome Back Bash was a successful event according to Alexa Boccia, junior.

     "I was so stressed because of the start of classes, yet to come and relax at the Welcome Back Bash made my day not only less stressful, but enjoyable- a great start to my semester!," explained Boccia. At this event, there was also a chance to take pictures with your friends, new and old, in the Photo Booth so that students and faculty will always remember this day of fun and games before the hard work and long papers begin.  At the Welcome Back Bash, Molloy students not only opened the doors to their new year, they bashed through it.