Theatre Arts Degree

By Victoria Sorrentino

The Admissions Office is very excited to announce the addition of a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts to its list of degree programs offered here at Molloy College.  Starting in the fall semester of 2014, incoming freshmen can become a part of this four year program in conjunction with Collaborative Arts Project 21, Inc. (CAP21) in Manhattan.

CAP21 is a non-degree program that recruits members nationally.  It has professional dance studios, actors, and theatre groups. Molloy College is currently the only college in partnership with it.

Students entering the Theatre Arts major will take their general education requirements along with theater history classes here on campus, and will go into Manhattan twice a week to CAP21 to take performance classes such as theater, voice, and dance.  As they get farther along in the program, upperclassmen will have more classes at CAP21 and fewer at Molloy.

Many students interested in the program are from out of the immediate area, so they have the option to live in the college's Residence Hall and commute into Manhattan for their first two years. Juniors and seniors have the option to live in education housing in the city and commute back to Molloy.  They may also choose to live at home for the four years and commute both to campus and to CAP21.

To get into the new program, prospective students must meet the same academic requirements as any other major, as well as audition through CAP21. Once in the program, students will take CAP21classes together as a cohort with only fellow Molloy students. As a brand new program, the Theatre Arts curriculum is geared toward entering freshmen; transfer students would still need to complete the full four-year program, although the college hopes to refine this in the future.  A theatre minor is offered at Molloy as well, separate from the CAP21 program.

The Admissions Office is anticipating high interest in this new program, especially because CAP21 is already well established.  The college hopes to continue to grow and expand, and the new Theatre Arts program is a great step along this path.