Stuff-A-Bear 2016

By: Joseph Ostapiuk | News Content Editor | MolloyLife Media

On Wednesday February 10th, 2016 the Stuff-A-Bear event took place in Public Square from 11am to 3pm.  The yearly event, which was run by Melissa Guida and the Programming Team of Molloy Student Government, gave out a free bear to any Molloy student who wanted one.

However, there was much more than just bears to stuff. There was a bunch of different types of animals to bring to life, from giraffes, elephants and unicorns, to wolves, lions, ducks and more.

There was a limit to how many animals one student could have, but if you wanted a second one, then it was a $5 cost. 

Anne Collins, Assistant Programming Coordinator for Student Government, spoke of the incredibly successful event: "I thought it went really well. The line didn't die down. It went from 10 a.m. until everything was gone, and we're donating all of the money we raised to the American Cancer Association, so it's for a really great cause."

Stuff-a-Bear raised $145 thanks to the tremendous support of the Molloy Community. Keep an eye out for more exciting Molloy events.