The Royal English Dept. Shakespeare Festival

By: Jospeh Ostapiuk | News Content Editor | MolloyLife Media

On Tuesday, April 12th, the immortal verse of William Shakespeare was brought to life during the Shakespeare Festival held in the Larini Room at Molloy College. The Royal English Department put on the festival to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the life and death of the renowned bard.

 Pamela Kenley-Meschino, director of the Writing Center, hosted the evening and was accompanied by the exuberant and talented professors of the English Department. The packed crowd was treated to delightful performances from the professors, which included a set of scathing insults taken from the dozens of plays Shakespeare created during his lifetime, scenes from Romeo and Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing, recitations from the poet's profound work, and declamations of the various popular phrases that were coined in Shakespeare's plays.  

The festivities also included wonderful costumes adorned by both students and staff, and interactive mad-lib games for the attendees to play at their tables. And, of course, because the bard was a master of word-play and humor himself, puns were included on small tokens by the food provided by the English Department, such as Carrot Cakespeare and other clever feats of witty work exploitation. 

The celebration was a fitting honor to one of the greatest writers in history, and his works inspired a festival of joy, thought and awe within the Molloy Community. Keep an eye out for more exciting events just like this!