Saving A Life: Three Students Help A Molloy Employee In Need

By Richard Staple | MolloyLife Media | News Content Editor

A catastrophe was averted, and a crisis avoided when three brave Molloy students came to the aid of an employee in distress.

Because of the vigilance of Grace Edwards, Annabelle Antoine and Dorthley Beauval, the life of a Molloy employee was potentially saved. The incident reportedly took place on Valentine's Day at approximately 3:45 in the afternoon. Public Safety Officer Jason Houlihan shed some further light on the situation.

"Three students were studying in the Wilbur building when they observed a Molloy employee walking in circles. He was bleeding profusely from his forehead, and they had immediately called 911 and Public Safety."

The employee was having a hemorrhagic stroke before he collapsed to the ground. When the students first reported the incident, staff nurses and other emergency personnel rushed onto the scene before an ambulance transferred the employee to Winthrop University Hospital. The students who came to his rescue took some time to reflect on the situation and what prompted them to act.

Dorthley and Annabelle were studying in the Wilbur building, and they immediately noticed something was odd with a nearby employee. "I turned my head and saw someone just wobbling around. With the way he was walking and talking, I knew something was wrong", said Annabelle. Dorthley made some astute physical observations, which initiated his actions.


The three students, Grace Edwards (left), Dorthley Beauval (middle) and Annabelle Antoine (right) who acted promptly.

"There was a laceration on his left side with blood gushing through his head. He tried locking himself in the bathroom, but we couldn't leave him on his own. He didn't speak until I asked what happened. He said he fell." At that point, Dorthley instantly reached out to Grace, who made the call for 911 and Public Safety to help.

For many, this could prove to be a traumatic situation, but fear was not a factor when it came to giving someone the care they needed. "Fear did not stop me from wanting to help him. If I was afraid to give someone assistance if they needed it, then I wouldn't be able to help anyone", Dorthley said. Despite the bravery of their acts, they insisted that they are not heroes.

"I don't like tooting my own horn. We need to look out for each other. That's what being human is all about", Dorthley added. While she acknowledged it was brave, Annabelle added that it just felt like the right thing to do. " I don't think it's heroic. If you see someone in need, you should act." Annabelle even noted that she has formed a stronger friendship with Dorthley after this incident.

The bravery that these students displayed is only usurped by their overwhelming humility. According to Jason, these students "probably saved his life because they acted in a timely manner." He also noted that had they waited any longer, "he may not have survived the ordeal."  The employee is currently in a rehabilitation facility focusing on regaining his strength.

This incident not only validates the strong, inherent connection of human beings who seek to help each other in times of crisis, but the powerful connection shared in the Molloy community.

One brave, vigilant act with timely intervention forged a friendship and saved a life in the process.