ResLife Update

By Richard Staple | MolloyLife Media | News Content Editor

Very soon, students of Molloy College will see a noticeable change on campus. Dating back to the fall of last year, a brand new residence hall has been undergoing construction. There have been no delays in the project and is projected to make its way onto campus around spring break in March. What should resident students expect out of the new facility?

In terms of size, the new Residence Life accommodations are expected to house approximately 95 students. Residents may also be in for pleasant surprises once they enter for the first time. According to Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students Janine Payton, the accommodations will contain soundproof practice rooms, lounge rooms, and specialized areas for gaming, quiet study, and eating. "I think this is going to be great for students because it is going to feel like a home to them. I cannot wait to see how they react to the building once they return from break."

Dorm Construction 1

Whether it is the larger areas for watching big games such as the SuperBowl, or quiet areas to get studying done, the new accommodations facilities hope to supplement an interactive and productive college experience. Residential Life Assistant Walter Heitz relayed excitement around some of the features students will take advantage of. "Our CAP 21 students and others alike are excited about the practice rooms that are soundproof in the basement. All good things are worth waiting for, and I'm sure the new residence hall will be a hit."

There will also be new specifications for the accommodations as the suite style of rooms are being withdrawn. "The buildings are primarily doubles and triples. It is going to be a boost in the number of beds on campus, which we hope will encourage more students from out of the state to come here."

The new residence hall for Molloy College will cost approximately 16 million dollars, according to Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, Susan Williams. For a 30 year period, student fees will cover the cost of the tax-exempt bond taken out by the school. Students will be able to get acclimated to the new residence halls in late August when athletes and residential assistants start to move in.

Molloy's on-campus experience has taken on a new dynamic, ushering in brand new possibilities for all students to enjoy.