Chinese University officials visit Molloy

By Alexa Sussman

 On Oct. 7, members of the Panyu Polytechnic University of China's business office, along with students from the university met at Molloy to tour the campus and get a sense of what Molloy's prestigious business program is all about. Lianxu Zhang, principal, Zewen Zhang, Dean of Business School, and several other faculty members met with Stephen Bier, Kathy Reba, Kisha Chandler, and Jennifer Goez started the morning with a greeting and group picture in the Casey building, where the business department is located.            

After a campus tour by business students, the group sat in on Dr. Garrity's Quantitative Analysis class to get a taste of what Molloy's business students experience on a daily basis. From there, the group met in the Business Conference Room for a group discussion led by Dr. Collins, Stephen Bier, and Kathy Reba.            

Overall, there was a great deal of excitement felt on both sides of the globe regarding this event. "This is a very exciting opportunity for Molloy to make a relationship with Polytechnic University" said Kisha Chandler, Executive Administrator of the Business department. Faculty members from both schools are looking forward to continuing a relationship, so much so that Michael Cheah, former professor at Molloy, is planning a trip to take Molloy students to Panyu in the near future.