New options for eating on campus

By Saniya Khan

There are some exciting changes happening to on-campus dining services this year!  The new Subway, located on the first floor of the Public Square, recently opened for business and has been a huge hit with students so far.  Lines have been wrapping through the Public Square Lobby as students anxiously stand waiting even before the 11am opening time each day.

Sophia Ouloupis, sophomore, was the first student to buy a sub during the first full week that Subway was open.  "I think this is a great idea to have on campus!  I love the food and have had something new from there every day since it opened." The official grand opening celebration was held Tuesday, September 23 with free giveaways, photos with the Subway sandwich mascot, and music on the Great Lawn. The first 100 students on line also received a complimentary sandwich.  This newly renovated area still includes a portion dedicated to Starbucks coffee and pastries.

The next stage of dining construction in the kitchen and serving area of the Anselma Room is set to commence within the next few weeks.  While this planned disruption worried many students, who were concerned about having a limited selection of food during the transition, there will still be plenty of choices for students to enjoy.  Two trailers are stationed outside Kellenberg and will function as a kitchen for the six to seven weeks it will take to renovate.  Food will be cooked in those trailers and brought in for students as the current serving area of the Anselma Room will be closed.  There will also be coffee, grab-and-go items, and drink machines in the tiled area with various items to purchase during this time. Several students had a chance to sample some of the new offerings that will soon be available in the new Anselma Room.  Seven entrees were taste-tested, including rosemary roasted chicken, cranberry glazed ham, and mustard crusted catfish, as well as five side dishes, which included candied butternut squash and spicy green beans. "I'm really impressed with Lackmann taking steps in the right direction for the residents and the commuter students," comments Michael Russo, junior, who attended this menu tasting. 

"I look forward to seeing all the new innovations and renovations they're doing." Once this renovation project is complete, there will be new grill, salad, sandwich, and breakfast stations in addition to a new serving area, giving the Anselma Room an entirely new look.  Models of this vision can currently be seen on poster stands located in the Public Square and inside the Anselma Room.  The ultimate goal is to have everything completed by Thanksgiving break. Additionally, throughout this transition, there is also a BBQ tent located on the Great Lawn outside of Public Square to accommodate students with traditional grill items, such as hot dogs and hamburgers.   "We were concerned about congestion because we're losing a piece of the Anselma Room," says Bob Houlihan, Vice President for Student Affairs, about the renovation period.

 "So we've put the tent up outside and we are going to be barbecuing out there until the Anselma Room is finished."  This area serves as one more new alternative for students to order food at and sit with friends. The Quick Byte Cafe remains another choice for students, who may already have noticed an expanded selection of items there since its inception.  Dining locations throughout campus have also begun accepting credit cards, a service students have wanted for years.  The Molloy College Lion Card, which is your official identification on campus, and cash are still viable payment options as well. With so many new things on campus already, students now await the next milestone of the new Anselma Room opening for business later this semester.  "I have a positive outlook for what they've got going on," sums up Russo. Hours of operation for all campus dining areas are as follows:

Anselma Room Monday-Thursday: 7am-9pm Friday: 7am-8pm Saturday: 8am-8pm Sunday: 10am-8pm  

Quick Bytes Monday-Thursday: 11am-5pm Friday: 11am-4pm  

Outdoor BBQ (on the Great Lawn) Monday-Thursday: 11:30am - 2:30pm  

Subway Monday-Thursday: 11am-10pm Friday: 11am-5pm  

Starbucks Monday-Thursday: 7:30am-10pm Friday: 7:30am-5pm