MPAC Presents: My Bloody Valentine

By: Joseph Ostapiuk | News Content Editor | MolloyLife Media

On Saturday, February 13th,  the Molloy Performing Arts Club held the My Bloody Valentine event in the Hays theatre. General admission was $7, or $5 with a Molloy ID, and the proceeds of the event went to the MPAC's Spring Show.

The interactive murder-murder mystery dinner took the form of a high school dance where a legendary killer returns to disrupt the Valentine's Day dance.

Members of MPAC put on a phenomenal performance full of distractions and excitement as it was up to you to find out who the villain of the evening was. At the conclusion of the night, detectives went around to each table with a list of potential suspects with a big reveal at the end of the show. Guests were at the edge of their seats with each heart-stopping turn and spine-tingling scare. A great night was enjoyed by all, so be sure to check out this years Spring Performance of Catch Me if You Can being put on by the MPAC on April 14h!