Molloy Welcomes Father Joseph Lobo

By Janine Baron |  News Content Editor | MolloyLife Student Media

Molloy College has grown a strong religious foundation over the years, and one of the stalwarts behind the school's ability to provide spiritual support is the chaplain.  Father Joseph Lobo took some time to give the school some insight on his personal history and how he can help continue Molloy's Dominican tradition of prayer, reflection, community, service and study.

How exactly did Fr. Joe come to the decision to work with young people? "Passion. Working with the next generation has been my passion, because passing down important values is critical."

Of course, to help pass important knowledge to others, there are goals that should be set in place to make the transition easier. "My goal is to bring a strong, spiritual presence at Molloy College." With the responsibility entrusted upon the chaplain, there may be challenges that must be overcome.

"The learning process can definitely be a big challenge, especially to younger people. Being able to learn from those I teach is what makes my job rewarding, however." Sometimes, the reward comes in the form of what you can do for others.

So what does an average day in the life of a chaplain look like? "I work as an associate pastor in Hicksville, but I spend about equal times teaching there and here at Molloy."

Of course, not every student the chaplain comes across will be religious. However, there are avenues that can be explored to accommodate everyone. "I plan to lead a spiritual, personal and economic journey for all students."

The community of Molloy College is known for its uniqueness, despite not everyone sharing the same beliefs. With this, however, comes an opportunity to unite. "I believe my role as the chaplain is defined as being a temple of opportunity for all. It takes tremendous knowledge, skill and a right attitude to accomplish this, but it can be done."

Fr. Joe adds that he is well traveled, most recently completing a mission trip in India. The greatest passion for the chaplain likes in "working for transformation through passion and values."

The long-held traditions that have made Molloy College a source of great spiritual growth will continue through Fr. Joseph's values.