Molloy Life goes beyond social media to connect with students

By Connor Ryall

Molloy offers its students more opportunities to take a break from their studies and enrich themselves socially at an event or activity on campus. During or before these events, students may see #MolloyLife on advertisements and social media, but these two words describe a lot more than just what campus life is like for Molloy students.

Molloy Life is the brand name for the coalition of Campus Life and Student Media at Molloy College. "The basic goal of Molloy Life is to provide a place to share and communicate campus happenings," explains Janine McElroy, Director of Campus Life. Molloy Life is a place that captures the Molloy community and shares the experiences that students have while interacting on campus. Together, Student Media and Campus Life have created a Molloy Life Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr accounts which all notify, as well as document, the events and activities that occur on campus. 

In addition to the social media, the 'My Molloy' page on the official Molloy website ( has been transformed in to the Molloy Life page where all of the social media, as well as stories from Student Media, can be accessed. 

The two departments have even created their own logo for the brand, making students aware that when they see the logo, it means it is an event for students. Molloy Life was created two years ago when McElroy was hired as Campus Life Director. McElroy explained that when she came to Molloy in 2011, social media had not played a huge part in campus programming initiatives.  With the help of Cody Snapp, Director of Student Media, they brainstormed ways to link social media with campus clubs and activities.   

"We needed to be able to show current and prospective students what was happening at Molloy. We also wanted to be able to share day to day life at the college and allow students to access photos and videos of themselves from the events they attend," said Snapp.   

From these efforts, Molloy Life was born. In 2011, the social media effort by the college was in its beginning stages, and the main form of publicity for events on campus was either word of mouth, or posters and flyers. There was really no "one-stop-shop" for students to connect to and find out what events were happening on campus nor was there a way for students to share their experiences with one another.   

Now, with almost 1,000 likes on Facebook, almost 450 followers on their Instagram, over 3,000 photos on Flickr, and over 15,000 video views on YouTube, the brand is quickly growing and becoming more popular on and off campus.   

More people are aware of what is happening on campus, which adds more participation and interest in campus events. McElroy also credits the success of Molloy Life with the interactive feel Molloy Life allows for the students. Students can share their own pictures and stories on and off campus with one of Molloy Life's social media pages. If a student hash tags Molloy Life in the picture, status, or story, then the item will be shared and maybe even spotlighted by Molloy Life.  This year, they printed hashtagged photos on the cover of the student planners given out by Student Affairs.   

"We have added many new clubs on campus, and increased our number of events, which is great!  Students have begun sharing their experiences through the #Molloylife pages," said McElroy.   

Molloy Life, at its core, shows the public what it is like to be a student on Molloy's campus. While Molloy Life is still a relatively new feature of the college, they believe that Molloy Life is going to be a huge presence on campus in the future. They also add that they hope that students utilize it as a way to learn about campus events.   

To see any of the social media, photos, or videos from Molloy Life, go to, like Molloy Life on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram and Twitter @molloylife.