Molloy College Welcomes Two Sets Of Triplets

By Richard Staple | News Content Editor | MolloyLife Media

If there is one thing that is a rarity in this world, it is triplets. While many statistics vary, some research suggests that conceiving triplets happen about once in every 9000 births. Therefore, it is extraordinary to come across one set of triplets, let alone two. Yet, Molloy College has welcomed two sets of triplets in this year's freshman class. 

The first sets of triplets are Willow, Maddie, and Courtney Chamblin. Adapting to college life has been quite the transition for them, but so far, they have enjoyed their experience and have handled the change head-on.             

"I feel like Molloy has treated me very well.", Willow said. Maddie stated that she was highly interested in events on campus, and Courtney has gotten involved herself in student government.             

While the transition to college has been relatively seamless for these three, there have been many challenges that they have had to overcome. These challenges started from the moment that they were born.              

"We were born prematurely at 2.5 lbs. In fact, when we were born, the doctors told my mother not to expect much," Courtney stated. Madison added that she herself was born with a lesion in her skull and that their mother had a seizure right before their conception.             

In addition to the physical challenges that they have had to overcome, there was also the aspect of establishing individual identities. Being one-third of a triplet can make it difficult to separate as unique individuals. Despite that, they acknowledge that they cannot control what others think of them or portray them to be.             


The Chamblain triplets: Maddie (left), Courtney (middle) and Willow (right)

As for these three, Willow aspires to become a veterinarian and a TV personality; Courtney, the owner of a film company; Maddie seeks to pursue political activism. All three are also a part of Molloy's honor program.For a trio that wasn't given much of a chance, they have made much for themselves and seek to lead productive careers.             

The Chamblin trio also heard about the Delmage trio of William, Nick and Emily. All six of them happen to be in the same FST class. Emily, Willian and Nick shared similar difficulties trying to establish themselves as individuals with unique qualities. All three collectively agreed that it was hard for them.       

Emily elaborated on the different dynamics from high school to college. "Since high school, it was harder because everyone knew that we were triplets. At Molloy, however, it isn't hard. People don't know we are one of a set of triplets when they see us."             

Being at Molloy has also made it easier for them to pursue their interests. William is studying finance; Emily is studying adolescent education; Nick is studying management. Emily is also involved in the Education Club while William and Nick are both involved in the Core 4 Business Student Managed Investment Club.            


The Delmage triplets: Nicholas (left), Emily (middle) and William (right)

As for why they chose Molloy college specifically, a strong first impression sealed their decision. Emily stated, "I knew after my first tour on campus, I just had a feeling Molloy was right for me." Nick mentioned how Molloy continuously reached out to them and touted their internship program, which they can participate in as freshmen.             

Molloy proudly welcomes students from all different backgrounds, and while these two families share similar upbringings, it is important to remember the traits that make us special.