Maroon Madness 2019

By Richard Staple | News Content Editor | MolloyLife Media


On Thursday, October 17th, Molloy College held its biggest event of the year, Maroon Madness. As the name may suggest, it is an event-filled night, showcasing some of the best that the school has to offer. While Maroon Madness only comes once a year, each edition creates memories that will last for a very long time.

This year, Maroon Madness was hosted by senior nursing student Richard Staple, who set the tone for the entire evening. After an electric national anthem performance by Leah Mursalim, the adrenaline-filled crowd was ready for a very special evening.

First up, we had a special triple threat performance by the school's dance, step and cheerleading teams, showcasing tremendous athletic ability and prowess. They put on a spectacular display and dazzled with great teamwork and chemistry with each other. When that was over, it was time to meet both basketball teams for a special occasion.

The women's basketball team was introduced first and showcased some dance moves along the way. Once they made their entrances, it was time to meet the defending East Coast Conference Champions, the 2019-2020 Molloy men's basketball team.

Maroon Madness was a special night for the men, as they were not only honored for their close victory in taking home the ECC championship, but they also received commemorative championship rings. Even alumni such as Chris O'Reilly from last year's graduating class returned for the special occasion.

The ring ceremony was conducted by Suzanne Randolph and president of Molloy College, Dr. Drew Bogner. At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Bogner insisted that head coach of the basketball team, Charles Marquardt come out for special recognition. He was gifted a WWE Championship belt and was considered to be Molloy's undisputed champion.

Once the ring ceremony concluded, it was time to engage in some of the student events of the night, such as the dress up contest. It was a good old fashioned boys vs. girls competition that saw the boys come out on top. While the boys technically won the competition, it was quite clear that the crowd was rooting for the girls.

We also had a special round of musical chairs that saw students and members of both the men and women's basketball team go head to head. As fate would have it, it came down to Ryan Gill from the men's team and Katie McSweeney.

Palms got sweaty and adrenaline was pumping, and in the end, it was a scramble for the chair. When the dust settled, Katie stole the chair, and in turn, victory. Of course, Joshua Dennis had to remind the women's basketball team that, "We got the rings."

The heated rivalry continued with an intense three point contest that required multiple extra sessions. However, the men's team got a leg up over the women as Steven Torre from the men came away with this year's crown. Joshua Dennis and Pano Pavlidis also decided to dazzle the crowd with a series of athletic dunks, including a special windmill slam from the former. Concluding with a dance contest that saw the Molloy community bust out their best moves and a final performance from the dance team, Maroon Madness concluded.

Maroon Madness brings the entire school together to help celebrate what makes Molloy unique, and 2019's edition was no different. From the participants of the event to those in the crowd and families coming to show their support, Maroon Madness will live on in the memories of those in attendance.