Laser Tag fills gym on first day

by Michael Schultz - The first day of classes ended with a "bang!" as Molloy College kicked off the school year with an evening of Laser Tag. From the yellow flicker of a laser gun's muzzle, to the shouts of people in game, laser tag was an awesome way to end the first day of classes. The lines were fairly long, and lasted quite a while, but they must have been worth the wait as students got back on when they were done and started the whole process all over again.

Each player blasted their way through the course; some were eliminated quickly, while others lasted until the end. When playing, it felt like a real-life video game, blasting the other players in a close combat setting, toting your trusty beam-rifle and reducing the HP of the enemy players as seen on their lit headband; of course it was all in good fun. Kordell Broady, sophomore, described the experience to be "fast-paced" concluding that "all-in-all it was a great rush of a good time."  "It was an enjoyable experience," said Daniel Bolocboloc, junior, and that he looks forward to more future fun events hosted by Molloy. Overall, laser tag appeared to be an outstanding success, bringing both underclassmen and upperclassmen together to experience the first of many enjoyable events of the 2013-2014 school year.