End Of The Year Food Service Recap

By Mackenzie Wagner | MolloyLife Media | News Content Editor

It has been a full semester since Molloy cut ties with their previous vendor, Compass USA after students were consistently displeased with the food service. Shortly after the problem was brought to the school's attention, Molloy ended their contract with the vendor and worked to get a new one. In the meantime, students were provided with food trucks during the day. As time has passed, students have been much more satisfied with the changes that have been implemented.

Over the past semester, Molloy's dining service has made some significant additions. In the Anselma Room, there is a new grilled cheese station, sautee station, and antipasto station. These stations offer a wide variety and accommodate all dietary needs. As for the Public Square, the Quick Byte Cafe offers chicken bowls, sushi, and pizza. The previously stationed Subway has since been replaced with a chopped station providing numerous salads and wraps.

 Food Trucks

Molloy students waited on line for food trucks during the interim period with no food vendor last semester.

Rosie Snyder is a commuter at Molloy and says that the salad station in Public Square is "the best thing they could have added."

Students are also pleased with the new variety of options offered through the school's new vendor. Although Molloy has made significant improvements in their dining services, there are still changes that students would like to see in the future.

Freshman Amanda Kreush suggests that "breakfast options should last longer on the weekends for people with early classes and residents who like to sleep later." On Fridays, breakfast is no longer served when she gets out of class, even though it is still considered breakfast time for many students

On the weekends, some residents like to sleep in, but they cannot get breakfast when they wake up in the afternoon. Sophomore Christie Warmingham says she would like to see more options in the Anselma Room. "There are a lot of quesadillas, chicken, and fries. Sometimes they serve tacos or pulled pork and I would like to see that more often."

These are just a few of the changes students would like to see regarding the school's dining services. Overall, students are happy with the improvements made to the school's dining services.


Molloy's food services have been revamped all across campus, and major changes have been made in Public Square.

Since changing vendors, Molloy has brought better food on campus and a wider variety of food.

While recommendations remain, the future for Molloy's dining services looks to be bright with the approval of commuters and residents alike.