ESPORTS: Molloy falls to NYIT in Overwatch Tournament

By Richard Staple | News Content Editor | MolloyLife Media

On Sunday, December 2nd, the Molloy Lions battled the NYIT Cybears for the East Coast Conference Overwatch Grand Finals Championship at the Nassau Coliseum's first ever Esports event. In front of an electric crowd and over 3,000 viewers on Twitch, Molloy lost a spirited effort by the score of 3-0.

This was the first major test for the Molloy Lions at their first ever major Esports event as a team. While they did not come away with the victory, they did walk away with many things of value. The opportunity to play on a big platform was an experience that they would not soon forget.

Captain of the Molloy Esports team, Junior Adam Mahadeo, took some time to reflect on what this had meant to him. "The opportunities at Molloy College have been simply amazing. This is our first year, and we are already at the Nassau Coliseum, looking to do bigger and better things in the future. We have the best talent, the best staff and Molloy is where you want to go if you are into Esports."

Fellow Junior Shawn Martin also took some time to elaborate on what this platform meant for him and the future of Esports at Molloy. "This is my first time being on a collegiate Esports team, and it's really awesome that something like this was able to come to Molloy. Knowing we have the full support of the school is huge, because now people will begin to realize that Esports is a very serious thing."

While Molloy came up short in this bout, their journey has only begun. The season for the League of Legends team will begin in January when they compete in the East Coast Conference once again.

You can watch the full event replay here :