Dr. Bogner Goes on Listening Tour of Campus

Saniya Khan

While students at most other colleges may never get to interact with their school's president, Dr. Drew Bogner, President of Molloy College, has set a different tone in an attempt to open a dialogue with students on campus.  With the most recent expansion efforts and changes on campus on their way towards completion, administration is now looking towards the next steps, and "Molloy 2020" is this vision for the future of the institution.  This involves examining what is going on in the world around the college, what the strengths of the college are, and what can be changed or modified.

To help him plan exactly what this vision should be, Dr. Bogner has been on a "Listening Tour," holding meetings with faculty, staff, and administration as well as student leaders on campus to collect different viewpoints on the direction the college should take.

In an open forum on Tuesday, October 21, Dr. Bogner also gave the wider campus community the opportunity to express their vision for the college in the year 2020.  Structured a little differently than Student Forums in the past, this "Conversations with Dr. Bogner" session focused on getting some ideas for the future of the college and really having a dialogue with students who attended.

"I want to share with you what I've heard so far and get your reactions to the general themes that have been coming up so I can take them into consideration and get another perspective on them to shape my report," Dr. Bogner opened with on Tuesday.  "I really want us to have a conversation," he continued.

As of the Forum, Dr. Bogner had met with fourteen faculty, staff, and administrator groups as well as four student groups.  He also had plans to visit a few grad classes and is holding a few more sessions in the upcoming few weeks for a total of twenty-five groups.  With around twenty people averaging attendance in each session, this adds up to almost 500 people that Dr. Bogner has met with in these personalized groups on his tour.

"I really appreciate Dr. Bogner being available on his tour and having this open Forum because in many other schools, you're not going to find the President of the college taking so much time actually listening to the feedback students have about their vision for campus," says Sophia Ouloupis, a sophomore who was in attendance.

Showing a commitment to also addressing the more immediate needs of those on campus, Dr. Bogner noted, "As issues come up, I want to address them immediately.  I would rather try to deal with them as they come in and have a process in place to pass them along effectively than save them for future Student Forums and have them build up."

The biggest theme that was brought up repeatedly in every session Dr. Bogner hosted was maintaining the overall community feel and culture of the college while continuing to grow.  Having more collaboration between different departments and fields, moving towards a hybrid delivery model of mixing traditional classes with online lessons, and improving the advisement process were some of the other broad themes that were discussed.  While food and technology on campus have already seen some changes, continuous improvement opportunities and innovative ideas are being looked at in those areas as well.

Dr. Bogner will be delivering his report on all of the information and feedback he has gathered on November 6 at Colloquium.