Conversations With Dr. Bogner Recap

By Richard Staple | News Content Editor | MolloyLife Media

On Tuesday, November 19th, president of Molloy College, Dr. Drew Bogner, held another seminar updating the Molloy College community on where we stand on certain issues.

First and foremost, Dr. Bogner addressed the elephant in the room: who the next president is. Molloy College will announce the new president before finals week begins, and whomever that person is will not officially start until next summer. Before Dr. Bogner's departure, Molloy will hold a series of events and activities next semester to celebrate Dr. Bogner's legacy.            

Dr. Bogner was accompanied by Chief Financial Officer Susan Williams, as they provided updates regarding construction on campus. They addressed future projections of renovations that the school may be going through in the years to come.            

The school proposed adding two new facilities, revamping the Science Center and Dining Hall in the process. Also, Molloy is adding a new building in the footprint of Sienna Hall, as the permit for the building expires in approximately one year.            

The kitchen staff at Molloy have addressed complaints about a lack of variety in the food options available to students and staff. A potential solution revolves around expanding the serving space for the staff. This will hopefully allow for not only more food options but for more access to food at certain meetings, events, and other school functions.  

Dr. Bogner addresses students on construction updates.           

In terms of where Molloy currently stands in the construction project, they are in the initial design stage. Dr. Bogner stated they are, "detailing what things can fit, the design itself and obtaining construction documents for lighting and electrical fixtures."            

Other proposals included a bigger fitness center, more quiet study spaces, and private rooms for dancing and music practice. The college is taking all of these amenities into consideration, but the one hurdle Molloy faces is whether or not there is sufficient space. As of right now, in the master plan, Molloy's campus spans about 40,000 square feet. The current size of the campus may not allow for added fixtures, but as construction goes on, Molloy is examining possible solutions to the challenges they face.            

Conversations with Drew also continued with a safety audit done by Nassau County. For each of the entrances to the campus, license plate readers will be present. This means that in case of an emergency, Public Safety can easily track down a car and alert the proper authorities.           

Also, Public Safety stressed students to wear their ID badge with their lanyard at all times for proper identification of Molloy students for precautionary reasons. Public Safety is working on other safety initiatives as well in case of a medical emergency.            

The school is adding more AED devices across the school; the school plans on placing room numbers inside their respected spaces for swift identification. Public Safety is expanding blue light locations in other areas of campus. As of right now, there are locations by the fitness center and the Casey building.            

Molloy College will be undergoing some change for the safety and security of its students. There will also be more construction designed to maximize the student experience. If you'd like to provide your input on what you would like to see, fill out the Google Doc sheet below to voice your opinion.