Bogner Hall and McGovern Plaza Immortalized

By Richard Staple | News Content Editor | MolloyLife Media

On a sunny afternoon, a special dedication ceremony held on Friday, September 27th immortalized two special facilities at Molloy College. These facilities are known as Bogner Hall and McGovern Plaza.           

On April 11th, President Drew Bogner announced his retirement as president of Molloy College after the 2019-2020 academic year. In lieu of this decision as well as the construction of the new residential hall, the Board of Trustees named the facility in his and his wife's honor. Dr. Bogner's wife, Karen, detailed the journey that their family took from Wichita, Kansas to Long Island. "We thank all of our friends and family, and to Molloy College who welcomed us and our family over 20 years ago."           

Drew recalled an experience with a resident of Bogner Hall. He was amazed that not only a building was named after him, but that his name was pronounced right. However, he could not help but become humbled by the honor. "Me and my wife didn't want to have our names on the building, and I initially called this building the third residential hall."

Citing a list of important people and organizations that helped come to this special day, Drew says their "lives were changed and enriched from all in the Molloy community that embraced and befriended us."

To provide a better perspective as to what resident life is like for current students of Molloy, one residential assistant, Mollie Mae (also known by fellow students as RA Mollie) reflected on the impact this facility has on the Molloy community. "I understand the impact that resident life has had on the Molloy community, and with the addition of Bogner Hall, it is my earnest hope that it will foster a home for generations to come."


Resident Assistant Mollie Mae reflecting on the importance of residence life at Molloy College. 

Dr. Bogner, however, was remiss not to mention one important figure that helped foster not only Molloy's development from an architectural and financial standpoint but his effectiveness as president.

Michael A. McGovern who served as Molloy College's Vice President for Finance and Treasurer since his hiring in 2001, unfortunately, passed away earlier this year. The naming of McGovern Plaza recognizes the hard work and dedication Michael McGovern exercised throughout his years at Molloy.

Gillian, one of the children that McGovern left behind, was emotional in the dedication of her father. "He is no longer here in the physical sense, but his heart and soul will remain here, and will forever."

Cutting Ribbon

Molloy College houses 352 on-campus residents, with 100 residing in Bogner Hall. Over 27 states and 3 countries represent Molloy's residential community. The impact of residential life and the Molloy community at large will continue to grow to this day.

With the retirement of Dr. Bogner and the passing of Michael McGovern, Molloy will be entering a new era of leadership in many facets for the foreseeable future. Bogner Hall and McGovern Plaza permanently immortalize the impact these important figures have made at Molloy College. This ensures that the legacies of those who helped build Molloy into the college it is today will remain forever.