Meal Plans

Resident Meal Plans

Molloy College is proud to introduce the following resident Meal Plan options for students living on campus:

Level A- Gold- $1,971 per semester
Level B- Silver- $1,763 per semester
Level C- Bronze- $1,555 per semester

What you need to know

  • All first year resident students are required to be on the Gold meal plan
  • Returning and transfer resident students may choose from Gold, Silver or Bronze
  • Students may upgrade their plan at any point in the semester
  • Students can add money as needed by visiting an Added Value Station, located in Kellenberg Hall or the Public Square
  • Visit the Lion Card Campus Center page for more info

Commuter Meal Money

Commuters! Put meal money on your student ID cards and save almost 10% on every campus dining purchase. You can place any dollar amount on your card with cash or credit by visiting an Added Value Station, located in Kellenberg Hall and the Public Square.

Meal money does not carry over from one semester to the next. After money is placed on the ID card, it acts like a debit card. Money is deducted from the proper account each time a purchase is made. Money is non-refundable and all student purchases made with the card are sales-tax free.

Please note: Meal Plans roll over from the fall to the spring semester but not from the spring to the fall. After you have purchased one of the plans, it  is activated on your student ID card, which is similar to a debit card. All campus dining locations accept the Meal Plan. All Meal Plans come with a predetermined number of points (dollars). One point is equivalent to one dollar. Points are deducted from your account each time a purchase is made. Points are non-refundable and all purchases made with the plan are sales-tax free.

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