Honor Societies

Alpha Kappa Delta

The Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, the international Sociology Honor Society, is open to junior and senior sociology majors and minors who have completed at least 12 credits in sociology and who have maintained a minimum cumulative index of 3.0, and an average index of 3.00 in all sociology courses taken. Application for membership may be made through the sociology department

Alpha Mu Gamma

The Beta Theta Chapter of Alpha Mu Gamma, the national Foreign Language Honor Society of the United States since 1931, has as its primary purpose the honoring of students for outstanding achievement in foreign language study in college. To join, students must have received two grades of "A" and one of "B" or higher in college courses in one foreign language. One of the societies major activities is the sponsorship of National Foreign Language Week since 1957.

Alpha Phi Sigma

The Zeta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, the national Criminal Justice Honor Society, is open to students who maintain a minimum of 3.2 overall grade point average and a 3.2 in their criminal justice courses. The student must also rank in the top 35 percent of their classes and have completed a minimum of four courses in the criminal justice curriculum. The honor society is open to those with a declared criminal justice major or minor. Application for membership is made through the Department of Criminal Justice.

Chi Beta Phi

The Alpha Sigma Chapter of Chi Beta Phi, an honorary scientific fraternity for undergraduates of four year degree-granting colleges and universities, admits to membership students who have a minimum cumulative index of 3.00 and have completed at least 20 credit hours in the natural sciences and mathematics with an index of 3.00 in these courses. The minimum 20 credits must have been taken at Molloy College. Qualified alumni and science faculty of the College may be elected as regular or honorary members by a majority vote of the active membership of the chapter.

Delta Epsilon Sigma

The Gamma Omega Chapter of Delta Epsilon Sigma is the national Scholastic Honor Society for Catholic colleges. Juniors and seniors with a minimum cumulative index of 3.75, who rank in the upper 20 percent of their class at the end of the fall semester and have earned at least 64 credits at Molloy are eligible for membership. Part-time students are eligible during their final year. Graduate students with a 3.9 G.P.A. are also eligible.

Delta Omicron

Classified as a professional fraternity and a charter member of the Professional Panhellenic Association (now the Professional Fraternity Association), Delta Omicron limits its membership to a specific field of professional education—namely music—and organizes its activities specifically to promote professional competency and achievement within that field. Majors must maintain an average index of 3.00 in all music courses.

Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Delta Pi is an international Honor Society in education. Founded in 1911, the goals of this society are to promote excellence in and to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of education. Its aim is to foster high standards of preparation for the teaching profession. Membership in Molloy College Chi Epsilon Chapter is open to those education students who have maintained a cumulative index of at least 3.75 and completed the Preprofessional semester (undergraduates) or 3.85 and completed a minimum of 15 credits (graduates). Candidates must also complete a pre-candidacy period in which the member attends a minimum of one KDP workshop or meeting prior to induction. Additionally, teacher candidates must complete a written statement highlighting volunteer service in an educative environment.

Lambda Iota Tau

The Gamma Pi Chapter of Lambda Iota Tau, International Honor Society for Students of Literature, has for its purpose the recognition and promotion of excellence in the study of literature. Juniors and seniors who rank in the top 35% of their class and who have a "B" average in at least 18 credits of literature may apply for membership. Admission is further contingent upon regular participation in monthly literary discussions and the reading of a paper at one of the Society's meetings.

Lambda Pi Eta

Lambda Pi Eta, the national Honor Society for Students of Communications, is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. It seeks to recognize, foster and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in the field of communication studies. The honor society is open to full-time juniors and seniors who rank in the top 35 percent of their class and have a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0. In addition, students must have completed 15 credits in communications courses with a 3.25 index in these courses.

Kappa Mu Epsilon

The New York Rho Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon is a mathematics national honor society founded in 1931. The five goals of Kappa Mu Epsilon are to further interest in mathematics, emphasize the role of mathematics in the development of civilization, develop an appreciation of the power and the beauty of mathematics, recognize the outstanding mathematical achievement of its members and familiarize members with the advancements being made in mathematics.  To join, the student must have completed at least three semesters at Molloy and ranked in the top 35 percent of the class, completed at least three college math courses (including MAT 221) with an overall average of B or better in all math courses. For more information on the requirements, please visit http://www.kappamuepsilon.org/pages/start/Initiates.php.

Omicron Alpha Zeta

The Omicron Alpha Zeta is the Molloy College Honor Society. Nominees for Omicron Alpha Zeta are chosen from those juniors and seniors who have maintained a 3.50 cumulative index for their last two consecutive years (64 credits) at Molloy College. Members of Omicron Alpha Zeta are required to give evidence of leadership ability, cooperation with Molloy College policies and participation in extracurricular activities. Part-time students must be within 20 credits of graduation. Election to membership is based on a 75 percent favorable recommendation by faculty.

Phi Alpha

Phi Alpha is a national social work honor society, the purpose of which is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work. The honor society is open to juniors and seniors who have declared social work as their major, achieved an overall grade point average of 3.0 and achieved a 3.5 G.P.A. in required social work courses. Zeta Alpha is the Molloy College chapter established in 1996.

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta is a national honor society for history. It was organized at the University of Arkansas on March 17, 1921. It has grown to the point where it now has over six hundred chapters in fifty states, Puerto Rico, Canada and the Philippine Islands. It is the largest, in number of chapters, of the accredited honor societies holding membership in the Association of College Honor Societies. The total number of its initiates since organization is more than 100,000. Membership of Phi Alpha Theta is composed of students and professors who have been elected to membership upon the basis of excellence in the study of the writing of history. Alpha-Alpha-Sigma is the Molloy College chapter established on March 12, 1983.

Phi Sigma Tau

Undergraduate students are eligible for active membership if they have completed three semesters or five quarters of the college course, rank in the upper 35 percent of their class and have completed at least two semester courses or three quarter courses in philosophy with an average grade of over the second highest grade of the working scale.

Psi Chi

The National Honor Society in Psychology seeks to advance the science of psychology and to encourage, stimulate and maintain the scholarship of its members in all fields, particularly in psychology. For active membership the candidates must have achieved a 3.40 overall index. In addition, psychology majors need 9 credits in psychology and minors need 12 credits at a 3.00 level. Application for membership may be made through the psychology department. Students must maintain high standards of personal behavior.

Sigma Beta Delta

Sigma Beta Delta is an international honor society. The purposes of Sigma Beta Delta are to encourage and recognize scholarship and achievement among business students and to encourage and promote personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

Junior and senior business students with a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.5 and above and who have completed at least 18 credits toward their business major are invited to membership in the society by the faculty officers.

Sigma Theta Tau, Epsilon Kappa Chapter

Sigma Theta Tau, the International Honor Society of Nursing, invites students who have demonstrated a commitment to nursing excellence and academic achievement. The society promotes leadership and scholarship in practice, education and research to enhance the health of all people. Candidates for membership in Epsilon Kappa Chapter in the undergraduate programs must have a cumulative index of at least 3.0 on a four-point scale, have a 3.0 in nursing, and be in the top 35 percent of their class. Graduate students who have completed half of the Molloy College graduate program and attained a cumulative index of 3.5 on a four-point scale may be eligible. Faculty recommendation is required of all candidates.

Theta Alpha Kappa

Theta Alpha Kappa is a national honor society for professors and students of religious studies and theology. Its prime purpose is to recognize excellence and further growth in religious studies and theology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Theta Alpha Kappa seeks to encourage research, good teaching and publication; to encourage an exchange of learning and thought among scholars and to bring together students and teachers of religious studies and theology in an intellectual and social fellowship. The name of the society derives from the first letters of the three Greek words theos (God), anthropos (humankind) and koinonia (community): the three areas of primary concern to students of religion and theology. The guidelines for student membership are completion of a total of 12 undergraduate and/or graduate credits in religious studies or theology with a grade average of 3.50 or "B+" average and a cumulative index of 3.00 or "B" average. For membership application, see the Department of Theology and Religious Studies.

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