Guidelines for Club Presidents and Advisors

In order to maximize the working relationship between the student organization president and the advisor, we have prepared the following information to serve as a guideline.

Expectations of Presidents and Advisors:

  • Lines of communication should be developed and stay open at all times.

  • Academics are important and the advisor should have an idea of the student's academic load and peak times.

  • Communication should be as specific as possible, leaving little to "interpretation."

  • Responsibilities need to be discussed and agreed upon, preferably in writing.

  • If there is a disagreement, determine what compromises or alternatives exist and try to reach an agreement on how to proceed.

  • Be sensitive to the leadership styles of each person in your organization.
  • Make sure there is time for fun and a time to get things done.

At weekly meetings between the student organization president and the advisor:

  • Have some "How are you doing?" time.

  • Review the last meeting and any items that need to be followed up.

  • Review "to do" lists and make new lists as needed.

  • Set agenda for next meeting.

  • Talk about areas of concern.

  • What can we be doing better?

  • Is the student organization working well?

  • Share insights with each other.

  • Talk about available resources to assist the student organization's work.

Monthly, the student organization president and advisor should:

Review student organization goals and progress. Step back and look at the "big picture."
Are club members having fun? Are we providing good programs and activities that students want? What are we learning from this experience?