Advisor Agreement

  • Advisors are required to sign an agreement which acknowledges their decision to advise and their understanding of the associated responsibilities.
  • The success of the advisor/student relationship requires the commitment of both parties. They must remain open to each other's suggestions and feedback. They must be able to trust each other.
  • Student leaders must sense that advisors are available and attentive to their needs. Advisors must be shown that student leaders are responsible and dedicated.

  • A successful advisor/student relationship requires nurturing. Both sides must care enough about the success of the organization to realize that this relationship is pivotal.

  • Students must recognize that advisors are full-time professionals with important obligations. Meetings with advisors must be productive. Students should have a purpose when scheduling meetings and be prepared to discuss relevant issues.

  • Students will be prepared to accept constructive feedback. Advisors have foresight and the benefit of years of experience and may be able to recognize problems not readily apparent to you.

  • Above all, trust your advisor and maintain regular contact with them. Leadership and its responsibilities may require that you make some difficult or unpopular decisions. Consider your advisor your ally, so work to establish a good rapport with them.