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The Zen Den is a compilation of resources and ideas to help stay mentally and emotionally healthy.


Stress and the Body Yoga Workshop

Coping Strategies led by SPCC Counselors

COVID Mental Health Resources

Coping Skills Resources and Apps (PDF)

Crisis Support Resources (PDF)

Things to Do at Home (PDF)

Connect with Podcasts (PDF)

Helpful Reading Resources (PDF)

Community Based Mental Health Resources (PDF)

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) offers free mindfulness exercises.


Take a Mindful Break

  • Mindful Walking - Life is a journey. Enjoy a little peace of mind on your path toward your destination. A Mindful Walking mindfulness meditation created by Stop, Breathe & Think. 
  • Mindful Eating - Explore what happens when you slow down and increase your awareness of what you are eating. A mindfulness meditation by Stop, Breathe & Think.


Breathing Basics

  • Counting Breaths - Help slow the mind down by counting as you pay attention to each breath. A Counting Breaths meditation by Stop, Breathe & Think and Mind Body Awareness Project.
  • 3 - Minute Mindful Breathing - Feel more settled and calm by spending a few minutes focused on your breathing. A 3-Minute Mindful Breathing mindfulness meditation created by Stop, Breathe & Think.


College-Related Issues

  • Relax, Ground, and Clear - use your imagination to relax, feel more stable and grounded, and clear your mind. A Relax, Ground, and Clear mindfulness meditation created by Stop, Breathe and Think.
  • Falling Asleep - A short, relaxing sleep meditation created to help you calm down and fall asleep. Bring a sense of open, calm awareness into sleep, and help reduce stress or tension that has accumulated throughout the day.
  • Exam Success Meditation - Stay Calm & deal with test taking nerves & anxiety. A meditation created by Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music.
  • Public Speaking - If you are someone who gets anxious before taking a test, speaking in public, or preparing for an athletic competition, this meditation may help you. Written and read by Jon Wildman; Music Performed by Craig Werth.
  • Change - Life is a constant state of change. Feel more settled and calm as you learn to go with the flow. A Change mindfulness meditation created by Stop, Breathe & Think.
  • Cause and Effect - Learn to stay in the driver's seat of your choices and future. A Cause and Effect mindfulness meditation created by Stop, Breathe & Think.
  • Nature Sounds - Just tune in and feel the calm. A nature sounds meditation created by Stop, Breathe & Think.

Resources for First Year Students and Transfer Students


  • Set To Go - Your guide to the transition from high school to college and adulthood.

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