How to Refer a Student

When referring a student to the Student Personal Counseling Center (SPCC), give the student your specific reason(s) for making the referral. It helps to present counseling as a positive experience that can reduce stress and pressure, and enhance academic performance. You can de- stigmatize the counseling process by assuring the individual that many students use the services of the SPCC over the course of their college years, and that this is an appropriate way to take care of oneself.

Simply providing students with our number or our brochure is the easiest way of getting our information out to students. Please contact the SPCC for more brochures.

If the student is willing to accept the referral, please allow him or her to use your phone in order to immediately schedule an appointment. Your student can call the SPCC at 516.323.3484.

If Your Referral Is for a Distressed Student

In this case, please call the SPCC and alert us to the fact that you would like to send over a student. Alerting us will let us know that the student should be seen immediately, rather than waiting for the next available appointment.

For after-hours and weekends, please contact Public Safety 516.343.3500 to be connected with a trained Administrator On-Call.

If Your Referral Is an Emergency

Contact Public Safety at 516.323.3500 if on RVC Main Campus. For all other Molloy College off- site locations, call 9-1-1.


You are certainly free to ask the student to give you feedback regarding their following through with contacting the SPCC. However, please be aware that without a signed authorization, we cannot divulge any information about a student's contact with us, as we are legally and ethically bound by confidentiality.


If you are unsure about whether or not to refer a student for counseling, or if you would find it helpful to discuss the behavior of a student that concerns you, please contact the SPCC at 516.323.3484 to speak to a counselor.

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