Top Ten Ways to Successfully Adjust to College Life

1.   Get Involved
Involvement in college activities such as clubs, sports, student organizations, or other activities that take place outside of the classroom can help you feel as if they are a part of your environment. College involvement can also help relieve some of the everyday stress associated with classes and studying as well as meet and interact with new people on campus.  

2.   Stay Positive
Maintaining an optimistic attitude and interacting with others who have a positive attitude can help when feeling overwhelmed by meeting new people, adjusting to new professors, studying, and college life in general.  

3.   Go to Class
Attending classes is one of the most important student responsibilities. Your academic success and successful time management is dependent upon good attendance.

4.   Party Smart
While partying within reason is to be expected, it is important to do so wisely and safely. Excessive partying can interfere with academic performance. It can also be dangerous. Try to keep partying to the weekends or nights when you does not have class to attend the following day.

5.   Stay on Campus When You Can
When possible, stay on campus. Submerge yourselves into the college experience can allow you to develop independence and autonomy.

6.   Eat and Sleep Well
It is important to make the effort to get a full night's rest and to eat healthy meals for your academic and physical health.

7.   Practice Good Stress Management
Stress is an inevitable part of college life. Learn how to manage that stress so that it does not interfere with your education or affect your health. Visit the ZEN DEN to learn some relaxation skills.   

8.   Communicate Productively
New college students may feel uncomfortable when it comes to communicating their needs. Be assertive with others so that your needs are met, but do so in ways that respect others and their differences.

9.   Maintain Healthy Relationships
Maintaining a healthy relationship with both new and old friends who support you is important. Put effort into resolving conflict in ways that honor yourself and others.

10.  Stay Focused
Academic life requires you to focus and concentrate. Work to avoid and reduce things that interfere with your concentration.