Crisis Response Protocol

Don't keep secrets when you are concerned about safety.

The following table gives you suggestions for how to respond when you are concerned about a student. You can also call the SPCC to consult on a specific situation.


Signs of Concern

I'm not concerned for the student's immediate safety, but he or she is having significant academic and / or personal issues and could use some support or additional resources.

How to Respond to Concern

 Listen to, and validate the student's pain   


Encourage student to come to the SPCC 


Signs of Distress

The student shows signs of distress but I am unsure how serious it is. My interaction has left me feeling uneasy and/ or really concerned about the student.

How to Respond to a Distress

Refer the student or walk them over, if student is willing to the SPCC.

If the SPCC is not available call Public Safety 516.323.3500 to be connected with a trained Administrator on- call and walk student to SPCC the next day. Contact the SPCC to discuss your concerns..


Signs of an Emergency

These are life-threatening situations!

The student's conduct is clearly and imminently reckless, disorderly, dangerous, or threatening including self- harm behavior.

How to Respond to an Emergency

Contact Public Safety at 516.323-3500 if on RVC Main Campus. For all other Molloy College off- site locations, call 9-1-1.

Please refer to the College's Crisis Response Protocol for Suicide Ideation and Attempts for specific guidelines on how to respond to a suicidal student.