Internship and Job Posting Tips

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Internship and Job Posting Tips
Before you start to apply to jobs and internships, you should make sure that you have all appropriate application materials reviewed and approved by the Career Development Center.  Once they are approved, you can upload them onto Lion's Lair and any other job board system you choose

Keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Stay Organized! Keep track of what companies and positions you apply to. Also, take note of when you submitted your application. This will help you if you get a call for an interview or if you would like to follow up with the employer to check the status of your application.

  • Update your Resume: Your resume is a work in progress. As you gain experience you should update your resume. Clean out your Documents section in Lion's Lair at least once a semester.
  • Conduct a General Search: When searching through postings, keep your search general.  Use a keyword search with one or two words, "accounting" or "internship." Add location to narrow down your options. Carefully read through each result so that you don't miss any good opportunities. When you are more specific in a search, it narrows down your options but can also cause you to miss a good opportunity.

Fraudulent Postings/Scams
When searching for job and internship opportunities you should be aware of a series of red flags that indicate that the posting can be fraudulent and the opportunity might be a scam!

If the "employer":

  • Requires the candidate to pay a fee in order to apply: "Initial Registration Fee" or "Initial Investment"
  • Hires you via email without an interview
  • Asks you to "wire money" or provide your own personal bank account information (excluding for direct deposit reasons)

Keep in mind if the posting or situation seems "too good to be true" or the "employer" is asking you to do something that makes you "uncomfortable" or has you "questioning" the opportunity, you should immediately seek assistance from the Career Development Center.


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