The purpose of the interview is for the employer to see if you are a good fit for the position and the organization.  Keep in mind that it is also your opportunity to assess whether or not the position and organization are a good fit for you! It is important that you PREPARE and PRACTICE interviewing.

Know you!  Review what is on your materials; be comfortable discussing all points and elaborating on them

Know the position! Know required skills and competencies
Know the industry! Know the landscape, market trends and recent news
Know the company/organization! Know what they do, the culture, how they are unique, recent news/events

Meet with a Career Counselor to learn more about how to best prepare for an interview. The Career Development Center also offers Mock Interview sessions where you can practice your interviewing skills.

Interview Stream
is a FREE online tool for Molloy College students! All majors can access this tool for a simulated online interview, accessible with your Molloy e-mail account and a webcam from any computer. For more information, access the Student User Guide.

NEW!!  iPhone or iPad App
Note: Requires iPad 2+ or iPhone 4+

1. Go to the App Store and search "InterviewStream Go" and download
2. Login with your InterviewStream username and password.
3. Start Interviewing!

A webcam is available in The Career Center by appointment only. Call the Career Center at at 516.323.3469 to reserve the CDC's webcam. 


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